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Make Your Dreams Matter

We talked about Taking a Chance Link last week and loved your personal responses. Thanks!

Some of you shared in your emails how you want to come to Find Your Mojo in Montana but “can’t.” My hunch is if you’re stopping yourself from saying yes accessing your mojo, you may be unconsciously stopping yourself from other dreams, too.

We want to help you make your dreams matter.

How many times has an opportunity shown up which was magical, crazy or something you never thought possible? How many times did you say yes to the idea? How many times did you say:

· "I don't have the time,” or “The dates don't work."

· “It’s just too expensive,” or “I can’t spend that type of money on something fun?”

· “What will people think?”

All three of these examples are unconscious ways of stalling, stopping or killing your dreams. You struggle with the decision and then, resigned, shove your dreams back into the closet and stay on your hamster wheel of life.

Let’s break you free of these dream killers so you can love your life.

One: I don’t have the time.

In our fast-paced, jam-packed lives of working, exercising, managing kids, family and a relationship and more, unless you live in a bubble, you will NEVER have enough time. Really.

What creates time?

Clarity of purpose.

Yep, if you want “enough time” you need to get clear about what is most important to you. For some people this is hard because you regularly put your needs, wants and heart desires at the bottom of the list. That means you’ll never have enough time, especially for something that seems whimsical, fun or even frivolous.

Calling a deep need or want frivolous is the mind’s way of dismissing what matters most to you and shackling you in your comfort zone. Believe me, what you want is not frivolous. Who knows? It could be fun, and possibly, life changing.

If you really want to make a change, take a chance, and say yes to your dreams, put yourself first or at least on the list that matters. Once you make yourself important—time appears.

Two: I don’t have enough money.

I once attended workshop where they had us fast for three days and then we were dropped off in new city with no money, no identification, and the only thing we were to say was: “I’m hungry.” Believe me, I was hungry.

What occurred was powerful. I realized I didn’t need to “work for my money.” People were incredibly generous with food, money and companionship, inviting me to sit with them.

We have such limited views of where money comes from. Need more examples? Read last week’s blog, Take a Chance

What creates money?

Clarity of purpose.

When you put your needs, wants and heart desires at the top of the list, you will find the money OR the money will find you. Maybe relatives help. You’re offered a discount. Money comes in from other sources, all from being clear in your intention and purpose.

The universe lines up for you, really. (We have so many stories…but that’s for another blog.)

Three: What will people think?

As my mentor, Martha Beck says, “We all have an ‘everybody’”. It’s the committee in your head that judges whether you’re doing the right or wrong thing.

My everybody lives in a Roman coliseum. It consists of my family, friends, mentors, and even some arch rivals. I am standing in the center holding up my new idea. The crowd jeers, heckles, boos and gives me disapproving disgusting looks. There are times in my life that I give them way too much power and walk out dejected, going back to my “safe” and “proper” life. They cheer.

The problem is this is all in my head!

When you listen to your everybody, which is only a figment of your imagination, you’re putting your happiness in the hands of other people. People who in real life may be important to you. But it’s YOUR life.

When are you going make your desires matter more than other people’s opinions?

How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Take a moment and consider the three dream killers: time, money and approval.

Which one is stopping you?

Then, to flip the switch ask yourself, “If time, money and approval were not an issue…what would I really want?” Wait for your answer.

Your answer is your clarity of purpose.

Now, imagine yourself being, doing and having what you want.

Take a moment and close your eyes.

Really try it on and sink into the feeling of it.

Let that feeling be there for as long as you’re willing to feel it.

Doesn’t it feel yummy!

You’re on the path now.

You’re doing it!

You’re accessing your mojo—your heart and spark!

Let go of ‘the how’ and just keep coming back to the feeling state of having it several times today.

Try coming back to it for the rest of the week.

You’re going to be surprised by what opens up for you!


CrisMarie + Susan

P.S. Want support accessing your mojo to make your dreams matter? Why not join us for Get Unstuck , Relationship Mojo, or our signature retreat Find Your Mojo in Montana. Want more one-on-one help? CrisMarie offers personal coaching or check out Susan’s personal coaching.

CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke are Master certified life coaches, business consultants, speakers and authors of The Beauty of Conflict. They believe real relationships are the key to creating great business results. They’ll take your team from mediocre to great.

Want to take a class? Sign up for one of their virtual classes: Get Unstuck, Relationship Mojo or come to their signature retreat Find Your Mojo in Montana. Click here to check out all their service offerings.

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