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What do You Crave?

CrisMarie Campbell



What Relationship Do You Crave?


With your YOURSELF – The ME?
With your PARTNER – The WE?

You’re smart. You’re successful. Yet there is a disconnect between your high-achieving life and your internal experience.


Sometimes you even feel like a fraud. The outside world thinks you’re fabulous, yet you struggle with:

  • anxiety and insecurity

  • people-pleasing

  • perfectionism

  • even chronic pain, fatigue, or other physical symptoms (yes, it’s related!)


One, you’re not crazy; Two, you’re not alone. A lot of highly successful women are caught in the same dilemma. I sure was.


As an Olympian, Boeing Flight Test Engineer, and Management Consultant with an MBA at a top five consulting firm, I was working 60 hours a week:

  • trying to make everything perfect

  • feeling like I was never enough

  • hoping my boss wouldn’t find out I was a fraud!

I was exhausted, suffering from chronic fatigue and a back injury.


Today, I have my own business, I am a hip-hop dancer, actor, and have plenty of energy to do what I love.


You can too. You can have what you’re longing for, whether it’s:

  • a job you love

  • peace with your body

  • more energy and more fun!

  • your dream relationship


I'll take you through a proven, step-by-step process to reduce your stress, find your confidence, feel calm, feel motivated, and yes, even reduce your pain. Working with me, you’ll get concrete tools you can use immediately. 

To see if we’re a fit, sign up for a FREE Confidence Clarity Session


ME – Confidence Coaching

"I feel like I owe so much to CrisMarie!  During the time she was my coach, I regained my health, my energy, and my positive outlook for life.  I had been struggling for 2 years with an undiagnosed condition, was depressed, and totally detached from my inner self.  Through her wise, thought-provking and deeply insightful coaching, I learned to pay attention to my inner wisdom, regain awareness of my feelings, and make decision from within…..not from just my brain.  She’s awesome!

Donna Lawrence, Life Coach

"CrisMarie has so much deep training and understanding around working with the tough stuff we face in life, and I trust her with my hardest life issues. She's always able to help me get out of my fear and back into my soul-vision. She's incredibly kind and strong. LOVE her."

Abigail Steidley, Coach - Mentor - Healer



WE – Relationship Coaching 

Are you struggling in your marriage or your most significant relationship? I bet you’re a woman. Why? Because women – no matter where you live on the globe – care deeply about relationships.


The good news: because you care so much, you also have the power to heal, rejuvenate, and transform your relationship.


If you’re looking for support, I imagine you might:

  • feel lonely in your relationship

  • crave more emotional connection

  • long to feel seen and heard

  • yearn for the initial spark, intimacy, and passion

Have you tried to convince your partner to go to marriage counseling? Statistics report that most people who go to marriage counseling get divorced. More good news: you can revitalize your relationship, without convincing your partner to go to counseling!


Susan Clarke and I have spent the last decade working with couples. We’ve created something much more effective than marriage counseling for rejuvenating intimacy, emotional connection, and passion.


In our sessions, I’ll take you through our proven, step-by-step methodology from our book: The Beauty of Conflict for Couples. I will help you apply the tools even if your partner isn't willing to do anything differently. 


Your relationship will transform and you'll feel better. Yes, you can:​

  • be close again

  • feel emotionally connected

  • be seen and heard

  • have so much more intimacy, pleasure, and passion!

So how long are you willing to live like this?

To find out if we’re a fit, why not sign up for my FREE Relationship Rejuvenator Session. 

"CrisMarie is an intuitive, empathetic, light-hearted coach. In addition, her expertise in handling conflict transformed both my personal relationships and my work. Her guidance is kind and honest, and the process helped heal decades old wounds so I could make real progress into healthy, meaningful living."

Angela Perelli, Angela Perelli Coaching

“My husband and I had arrived at a place in our marriage where we both knew we didn’t have the marriage that we both wanted.  We had been to couples counseling a few times, and it always worked, for a while anyway.


We decided a different approach this time, looking for lasting change and growth, and we each sought out a coach to help us work on ourselves--and then we would see what kind of impact that had on our marriage.  

Working with CrisMarie has been amazing!  She has practical and simple relationship tools that have helped us increase communication in our marriage, and to help us create space to understand each other more.  

The part that I didn’t expect from coaching with CrisMarie-the amazing mind/body connection tools, which she used to help me uncover how the death of my father at age 12 was impacting me, and what I was bringing into my life and my marriage as a result.  Sometimes we think time heals all wounds, but there can be more to it.  

CrisMarie has helped me sort through these issues—not easily, but beautifully.”

Nikki Berkel




"I have always been a driven and successful career women, but as the demands grew with life, family and work, my body began to shut down.  When I met CrisMarie, I had just had my 4th car accident, and my system was completely shutting down. Around the same time the various pillars of my life began to crumble--- healthy, financial, work, family, marriage.  CrisMarie, with her variety of coaching skills, strong intuition, patience and empathy, was able to help me reset, one small step at a time. I has originally hesitated about doing work over the phone, but it really didn't matter. After each call, I always walked away feeling just a little bit lighter, and eventually was able to learn how to use those tools for myself.  I really don't know how I would have pieced my life back together without her support.  Thank you soooo much!”

Jiti Hundal

"I started working with CrisMarie during a very difficult time in my life. I felt anxious and scared. Working with her helped me to get in touch with the parts of myself that were afraid and hurting so that I could reconnect with what brings me peace and joy. 

The most transformational thing that has happened as a result of my work with CrisMarie is that I have begun to find my voice in my relationships and not be so afraid to say what I need. This has begun conversations and opened doors that previously seemed impossible. 

CrisMarie is such a caring, kind, and generous person, she makes it easy to open up and trust her. I would highly recommend working with CrisMarie if you need help getting any of your relationships back on track, including your relationship with yourself."

Aubri Tallent

"I highly recommend coaching with CrisMarie!  She is warm, easy to talk to, listens closely, and is highly intuitive.  She has helped me dig straight through to the core beliefs and mental blocks that have kept me feeling stuck for years.  I have learned how to dis-identify with my inner perfectionist, and to see that I am not my thoughts about myself. 

CrisMarie taught me how to reconnect with my body and to be with my most difficult feelings, leading to some powerful emotional healing.  I’ve learned how to be a compassionate friend to myself, which has allowed me to move more freely toward creating what I want for my life. 

She has taught me how to listen to my body when trying to make decisions, and to tune into my truest, deepest desires.  She has helped me to examine how I’m currently spending my time, what’s working and not working for me, and how to create a personalized structure for myself that is helping me to achieve my goals.

I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned from working with CrisMarie!"

Ami Simon




My Credentials and My Story

My Credentials


  • I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Washington, Go Huskies!

  • I have a Diploma in Counseling from the Haven Institute and lead Come Alive for individuals struggling with health, relationship or career issues, and co-developed and lead Couples Alive, a four-part series designed just for couples.

  • I’m a Master Certified Martha Beck coach and am on the faculty at Dr. Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training School.

  • I’m an Endorsed Mind-Body Coach from Mind Body Coach University.

  • I’m a graduate of Byron Katie’s Nine Day School.

  • I am trained in Focusing through Focusing Resources.

  • I’m an Olympic and World Champion silver medalist and two-time National Championship rower, in the women’s eight.  


More of My Story


I was an Olympic rower.

I was a Boeing flight test engineer on the 777.

I had an MBA from a prestigious business school.

I was a successful manager at a top-five consulting firm.

I was in a 10-year long-term relationship with another Olympic athlete.


So what happened?


I hit a wall.

I was struggling in my relationship.

I had a chronic back injury that I couldn’t make go away.

At work, I just couldn't make myself perform anymore.


I had a breakdown.

My body was rebelling with pain, skin and digestive issues.

I was anxious and not having fun.

I was constantly overriding myself to make others happy and win their approval.

I had to figure out what mattered to me from the inside out, not the outside in.


Here’s how my life has changed:


I have a fabulous, fulfilling and passionate relationship with my partner.

I started painting, dancing, and taking acting lessons.

I've sold my artwork for cash money.

I’ve starred in several community theater plays.

I've danced hip-hop on stage in front of over 1000 people.


I’ve discovered that I can still get the results I want without overriding myself!


How I got here:


I had to learn to connect to me, my body, my emotions and my heart – to honor what I feel as valuable.


I shifted from listening to others around me about what I “should” do, to listening to me, what my heart was yearning for and what I “wanted” to do.


Today, I listen to my inner guidance to make choices about what’s right for me. I focus on what gives me joy, pleasure and fulfillment. It’s a lot more fun!


What I learned has changed how I relate to my achievements, my partner, and how I relate to me and my body. It has become the foundation of my coaching approach.


Let me help you create the body, the relationship and the work you love!

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