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Susan Clarke

Get Unstuck

MOJO Coaching

What Sparks Your Heart?

Are you stuck:

  • Unable to move forward on your goals, dreams or in a relationship?

  • Facing what seems like an impossible health issue

  • Dealing with the past that seems to keep clouding and covering up what's in the present

Are you wanting and willing to try something different?

Are you willing to stop looking outside of yourself for an answer or fix?

I am the coach for you if:

  • You finally want to get unstuck

  • Connect to your own unique resources and inner GPS (your MOJO)

  • Find the joy in your crazy, dark and deep

I am skilled at finding the bright spots and giving you the straight goods for getting you back on YOUR tracks!!

It's not about fixing or changing YOU - it's about discovering the powerful resources you already have within you and between you and the world around you!

I coach individuals and couples online. I also offer online classes.  You can also come visit me right here in Whitefish and get the added bonus of discovering the transformation that comes from playing with the horses!


Get Unstuck

When you hire me for private coaching, I will be guiding you through the same processes we use in the Get Unstuck group program.  However, each step is customized and our sessions will hone in on you specific challenge.


We’ll identify and eliminate the barriers that are keeping you stuck and give you the support and tools necessary to get you moving forward. You’ll have the momentum you need to make the changes you desire.

  • I can promise you'll know how to create a road map that is a wholistic approach to creating the life you want.

  • I can promise you'll understand how to identify limiting beliefs and energy zappers and what to do to breakthrough.

  • I  promise you'll get honest straight goods and guidance to help you connect and own the choices in your life.

Eight one-on-one sessions twice a month for four months.



If you're IN -- tap the button to get started and you'll see me in your inbox in 1 to 2 days with pre-work and scheduling options to get our private party started!


You love your partner, and…you feel stuck. Things aren’t what they used to be. In fact, you feel frustrated, resentful, and you don’t feel like you’re moving forward as a couple. You try to talk about it, but struggle having productive conversations to sort things out, maybe:


  • One of you is unhappy with your career, but feel too responsible for the family

  • You’re considering moving, but don’t know how to agree on where

  • You’re struggling to figure out whether to have another child, or have children at all

  • You do have kids, but have very different parenting styles

  • You want your aging parent to move in, and your partner is adamantly opposed


You can move through this, have the right conversations, and get aligned about a path forward where you both feel heard and see.


Get Unstuck for Couples is designed for you each to get clear on what’s most important to you, have the conversations together so you feel heard and seen, then creatively come up with a solution that, yes, fits for you both!


Get Unstuck for Couples


Join me and work through this stuck spot.


You get four one-hour couple sessions where you learn the Get Unstuck tools and discuss your specific issues together with the support of me.


You also each get private time with me!


You each get three private, 30 minute, power sessions to help you get clear and show up more authentically with your partner.


You also get access to all the tools I teach in Get Unstuck.


Get Unstuck

for Couples

Leadership Development Training

Leadership Mojo Equus Coaching

Let us help you increase your Mojo, your much-ness, so that your confidence and clarity will build strong relationships that drive to great results.  As a Certified Equus Coach, Susan will guide you, and your team in a variety of activities with horses that will help you to build trust and lead ‘in the moment.’  


Why learning from horses works:


It's not what you learn about a horse that makes them important; it's what they reveal to you about yourself. They are excellent trust teachers due to their ability to innately provide you feedback because they:


  • Seek out and willingly respond to congruent leadership

  • Fully cooperate with you if they trust you

  • Respond to your emotional honesty rather than your words or actions

  • Pick up on the nonverbal messages you miss, or are unaware of giving, that sabotage your ability to inspire trust

  • Directly reflect you and give instant feedback


Your session with the horses will be a combination of: individual, one-on-one exercises with the horses; human pairs interacting with the horses; observation and personal reflection; and group sessions with horses to accomplish specific tasks – all with group discussion, coaching and peer feedback.  No previous horse experience is required. 

WHO is Mojo Coaching For?


                                               Anyone who is

          Challenged with                 and                              Wanting to

● Wavering confidence                                    Build your confidence

● Lack of presence                                           Improve your leadership presence

● Relationship Issues                                       Improve your relationships

● Difficulty in conflict                                       Improve your communication

● Negative feedback on your style                Get honest immediate feedback

● Business issues that won't resolve             Clarity on business issues

● Unclear Boundaries                                      Set healthy boundaries






If you’re not local or not interested in using horses to kick-start your leadership Mojo -- no problem.

Coaching with me can help you find your leadership mojo! Here’s how to kick-start your mojo.


Leading with Courage and Heart




For subject matter experts to become effective leaders, they need to know how to lead and influence people.


thrive! will tailor, design and implement a leadership program to help your leaders develop the necessary point of view, skills and abilities to lead and influence. Specifically, the training will support them to:


  • Effectively lead their teams to collective brilliance, not just once, but repeatedly

  • Solicit, hear and incorporate feedback on their strengths, weaknesses, blind-spots, and their impact on others

  • Provide their direct reports with actionable, effective and ongoing feedback

  • Collaboratively work on a team to move the entire business forward in an aligned, cohesive way



Read the story of Patrick, CEO of a Service Company, who used the horses to get clear about what he needed to do to get his business to the next level




Read the story of Jo, Senior Executive of a Technology company, who used the horses to become a more effective communicator with her team.

What Clients Are Saying

I was amazed to see the same dynamics emerge with the horse that come up with me leading my team. This session provided me with tangible and visible cues to draw upon to help me improve as a leader. For example, while I am generally considered to be an effective leader, one of the areas I can improve is leaning in more and address conflicts/issues before they affect productivity. I had the horses working ok but my upper body language was still resembling a bit of cautiousness as reflected in me leaning away. Once I recognized this, this has become a powerful symbol for me to use to lean in and engage proactively and have the confidence to lean in through tough issues.

Joe Krueger ,US Forest Service Plan Revision Team Leader, Flathead National Forest

Loved my "Leadership Mojo" Coaching session with Susan and the horses. Powerful and instant feedback from a two thousand pound animal!  Susan is a great facilitator and interpreter and I’m finally able to pull the trigger on decisions that I’ve been dragging my feet on.  In one session Susan and the horses helped me recognize where I was being incongruent and get crystal clear about my next step, saving me time and money. I got the message! Excellent process.​

Robin Kelson, President Good Seed Company

The work I did with the horses was powerful! As a leader it is so easy for me to get caught in my thinking and moving the business forward, totally disconnecting from myself and the people around me. The Leadership Mojo weekend really helped realize the importance of being of embodied so that I can provide congruent and influential leadership. I was able to implement this right away working more effectively with my team. I am looking forward to more sessions and bringing this experience to my leadership team.

Terri Wolf, CEO Wolfe Construction

You’d be happy to know that I’ve begun to put your content to work for me! I really feel like I can take the next step in my leadership path as a direct result of the feedback and content covered during our session last week.The Tiger Woods thing is really great…I think that will be my new motto!Take care and thanks for the follow-up!

Mike Pongon, Point B Solutions Group, LLP

I would highly recommend Thrive! for anyone in a leadership role who is either trying to make the leap from personal excellence to empowering excellence in others or for someone who knows they are not getting all the feedback that they need to get the results they want.

Jon Fleming, President Guidacent

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