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CrisMarie Campbell

Susan Clarke

About thrive! inc.

Thrive! Inc. was founded by MBA and Olympic rower, CrisMarie Campbell, and MA relationship coach and leadership Equus coach, Susan Clarke.


Partners in work and life, CrisMarie and Susan have spent 20 years together helping individuals, leaders, and teams resolve difficult conflicts, create strong, thriving relationships and profitable business results. They have been featured presenters on conflict resolution, communication, teamwork, stress, and diversity and inclusion at Fortune 100 companies like Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Google, AT&T and Nationwide, as well as, at organizations such as the Gates Foundation, University of Washington Medical Center, and San Francisco Giants and many others. 

They are the authors of The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team’s Competitive Advantage and The Beauty of Conflict for Couples. They also have a podcast with the same name: The Beauty of Conflict for dealing with conflict at work and at home.  Their work and expertise have been featured in notable outlets like The Today Show, NBC, and Shape, The CEO Magazine, and Corporate Board Member.

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Meet CrisMarie and Susan

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CrisMarie Campbell, MBA

Susan Clarke, MA


CrisMarie learned growing up that the key to survival was avoiding conflict and instead, focused on achieving and pleasing authority. This became her superpower: taking her to the Olympics, succeeding as the only women out of eighty Boeing Flight Test 777 engineers, getting her MBA, and becoming a Manager at Arthur Andersen.  


After following what her boss said, rather than following her gut, she realized pleasing authority could be a career-limiting liability. 


Engaged in a quest to reclaim her own power and forge her own path, she joined forces with Susan Clarke to launch thrive! inc., and work with leaders and teams. They’ve written a business book and a couples book both focused on helping people deal with what no one likes: conflict. They integrate all their leadership, team, and communication concepts into their Leadership Development trainings.


CrisMarie finds that a sole focus on results in business leads to stress, burnout, silos, turnover, misery, and poor results.  She loves coaching and training leaders with a similar tendency to please and achieve, to find their own signature presence and power, increasing their influence and impact.  


CrisMarie’s mastery is in facilitating team sessions to get to great business results through engaging both the smarts and the hearts of the people involved.  


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At the age of 24, Susan’s entrepreneurial path grew from the quest to find a solution to a terminal cancer diagnosis.  At the point of no possible positive outcomes, Susan stepped off the beaten path and took on the task of improving her health by having difficult conversations, facing buried secrets and scars from the past, and finally choosing connection over validation.

She did not see that journey coming, nor would she ever recommend it; however, she did discover that anything is possible. Attitude outperforms reality, and real wealth lies in the quality of your relationship to yourself, others, and the natural world around you.


Susan actively champions the notion that the key to thriving through crisis, conflict, and change isn’t overcoming the problem - it’s living right smack in the mess of it and discovering the resources that lie within you. The gem lies in uncovering the knowing that you are not alone, and that you were not, nor ever are, broken.

Since her cancer journey, Susan has focused her life on living fully in each moment and creating fulfilling relationships.  She co-founded Thrive! with her partner in business and life, CrisMarie Campbell, to help individuals and teams develop their leadership skills. Together, they focus on helping leaders increase their influence, vitality [aka mojo], and momentum for creating the changes they want to see and experience in their work and lives.


Susan’s passion comes from coaching people, leaders, and teams to help them value differences, bring more of themselves to everything they do, and engage in the power of people collectively working together.

When she's not working she loves skiing, golfing, and can be seen out coaching individuals, leaders and teams, using the animals she adores: horses


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