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thrive! coaching & consulting works with leadership teams, management groups, project teams and senior executive teams to resolve conflict in real time and use it to drive collective creativity, profits, and extraordinary results. Co-founders CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke teach that conflict is natural when smart, passionate people work together towards an ambitious goal. The trick is learning how to use that conflict as a healthy driver for collective creativity. Together, CrisMarie and Susan have spent the past 15 years helping leaders and teams develop skills and processes that resolve conflict and use it to drive extraordinary results that can only come through high performance teamwork. Based in Northwest Montana, clients include industry heavyweights Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Nationwide, and entrepreneurial organizations like Cray, Headframe Spirits, and Impinj. 


Meet CrisMarie and Susan

CrisMarie Campbell

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CrisMarie has a passion for woman in leadership and creating winning teams.


As an Olympic and World Championship rower, she learned firsthand what makes a championship team versus simply a team of champions.


As a Boeing Engineer she helped initiate a groundbreaking cross-functional team approach for how Boeing designs and builds airplanes.


As a Manager at Arthur Andersen, she coached executive business leaders around the country, on the secrets to making big changes stick in their organizations. As a member Patrick Lencioni’s, author, Five Dysfunctions of a Team, elite consulting team, she honed her ability to turn around a team in two days flat.


In 2002, CrisMarie co-founded Thrive! with Susan Clarke to share her unique perspective to a wider audience making relationships matter as much as business results.

When she's not working she's a hip-hop dancer, painter, and community theater actress.


Susan Clarke

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At the age of 24, when doctors gave her just six months to live, Susan stepped into a leadership role in her life, identifying a diverse group of smart health-care professionals and rallying them to act together as a team to provide her a path back to health.


Building on her extraordinary success with her health, she honed her skills as a facilitator, educator and coach over the next twenty years, leading transformational programs at the Haven, the prestigious professional development center in BC, Canada; facilitating in native communities, deftly navigating cultural differences to create understanding and healing; and coaching “stalled” corporate executives and teams around the globe. 


With curiosity, compassion, and laser-focus, Susan helps people identify and eliminate the blocks that keep them from creating what they really want in their relationships, work, and life.; Susan considers herself a leader’s coach.


2002 she co-founded Thrive! with CrisMarie Campbell to help individuals and teams develop their leadership skills, increasing their influence, vitality [aka mojo] and momentum for creating the changes they want to see and experience in their lives.

When she's not working she loves skiing, golfing, and can be seen out working with the horses.


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