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Find Your Mojo in Montana is a 4-day, 3-night all-inclusive retreat lead by me, Susan Clarke, a Certified Equus Coach and Haven Leader, and CrisMarie Campbell, a Master Certified Martha Beck Coach and Mind-Body Coach.


It’s happening in our charming home town of Whitefish, Montana, home of Glacier National Park.


This retreat is all about…


  • Improving your confidence and strength

  • Increasing your magnetic presence

  • Accessing and honoring your innate strengths

  • Improving relationship dynamics in your work and life

  • Connecting to your intuition, creativity and inspiration

  • Trusting your instincts

  • Having some fun!


It’s an intimate retreat with just 6-8 participants. Bring your boots, an open mind and the desire to have some fun!

Who's Leading This?

Susan Clarke   CrisMarie Campbell

Susan is a Certified Equus Coach and also brings 25 plus years as a Haven workshop leader. She knows the power of learning through relationships, be it in a group or with horses. She loves the magic and transformation that occurred for her, and now her clients, when they step into the round pen with a horse. Nothing has been quite as powerful in opening her own heart, and possibly yours, as connecting with a horse.

CrisMarie is a Master Certified Martha Beck Coach and Endorsed Mind-Body Coach. She has experienced, and now helps her clients access, the confidence, sense of safety and intuitive guidance that comes from connecting and honoring your own body and emotions. She loves helping clients align their relationships, careers and their lives with their heart desires.

Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell have been life and work partners for the last 19 years. They are both certified Life Coaches, leaders at The Haven and business consultants.  What’s unique about these two is they are deeply passionate about you accessing your heart and bringing it forward in your relationships, career and life!


"I met CrisMarie and Susan when they worked with my company's leadership team. I signed up for Find Your Mojo in Montana because I love horses and wanted to feel more confident in myself at work. Susan and CrisMarie helped me understand how I’m holding back my voice in my key relationships. Now, I understand my stress, anxiety and depression are due to my own mental blocks. In working with the horses I was able to feel the power of being in my body and breathing more consciously.  Bringing that level of embodiment back into key relationships is going to help me speak up more authentically and check out my stories! I am excited to put my new found mojo to the test!”

Sue Putnam

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Work with


"I was seeking tools and ideas on how to work well with others at work. Through Find Your Mojo In Montana I got to see myself in a situation that was directly correlated with my work and life.  I didn’t realize what I didn’t know until I saw the same dynamics play out with the horses as in my life. What was neat was being present in the moment without having an agenda. It was a very impactful experience."

Danielle Peterson

"I signed up for Find Your Mojo in Montana because I wanted clarity and the freedom to be more authentically myself. The mind-body work gave me permission to connect and honor myself before anything else. The horses provided a clear mirror to my true feelings. I am walking away knowing I am enough, feeling the power of trusting myself and believing in me. Thank you!"

Nancy Valore

During this All-Inclusive 4-Day, 3-Night Retreat in Whitefish, Montana

  • We'll take you through the steps to access resources you didn't even know you had!

  • You'll access your Mojo in the round pen with a horse, coached by Susan!

  • CrisMarie will work with you to help access your mind-body resources so that you can tap into your Mojo anytime!

  • You'll also have some creative fun as well!

  • Bop around the cute town of Whitefish, Montana

  • Eat organic, yummy food!

What to Bring

  • It is Montana, so bring your boots!

  • Bring layers the weather is always exciting in Big Sky country!!

How to get to here, Whitefish, Montana, home of Glacier National Park

What's It Cost?

  • Your investment is $2497, paid in-full or installments

What's Included?

  • Your hotel Thursday, Friday and Saturday night

  • All your meals (except breakfast)

  • Your experiences with horses and some surprises!

  • Just get yourself to Whitefish, Montana and we’ll take care of the rest!

What’s the schedule:

  • Wednesday or Thursday: Fly into Whitefish, get a shuttle to the hotel, unpack, bop around Whitefish

  • Thursday: 5PM meet at the hotel, connect, have a glass of bubbly, yummy food and get started!

  • Friday and Saturday: Horses, yummy food, mind-body work, Saturday evening we have a surprise!

  • Sunday: Horses, yummy food, mind-body work, finish with a beer at the hotel, ahhh....pack and fly home or stay another night

  • Monday: Pack, fly home whenever you want feeling awesome

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All-Inclusive Investment $2497


Interested in attending? 

Find Your Mojo in Montana

Join us for this Transformational

4 Day, 3 night All-Inclusive

In Person Retreat

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"I’ve wanted to come to Find Your Mojo in Montana for the last six months. I was so interested in seeing if I could connect to a large graceful animal. What I learned is horses don’t have stories, and I have too many! I loved my connection with the horse, Star.  A highlight for me was our final team experience. I enjoyed being me and a part of the team. I walked away committed to changing my old storyline about my life and choosing to connect to both those large graceful animals and people more from the present not just the past!"

Neil Turley








all meals with the exception of breakfast

are included




"CrisMarie and Susan I love your energy. So was thrilled to participate in Find Your Mojo in Montana. The horses really mirrored me. I got how my stories really mess with my mid, create my stress and worry and prevent me from living my truth. I love learning to be more aware of my feelings, my breath, being in the moment and playing with the horses!"

Becky Pfannenstiel

Cancellation / Refund Policy 

You registered for Find Your Mojo in Montana, but now you can’t make it? Bummer!


If you’re canceling because you’re dealing with a serious illness / medical crisis, we can give you a refund, switch you into another retreat (if there’s space), or figure out some other arrangement that works for you. 


If you’re canceling for ANY OTHER REASON (“I changed my mind,” “I forgot to book my flights in time,” “I feel too nervous to show up,” “I didn’t coordinate childcare,” “My lawn needs to be watered,” etc.)… then, sorry, but you will NOT receive a refund. This is a firm policy. Please don’t register unless you are 100% excited and ready to show up. Otherwise, it’s just a big headache for everyone involved. Thank you!


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