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Speaking & Conferences

Want to know the secret to creating successful relationships – both at work and at home? Then, you’ll enjoy hearing CrisMarie and Susan, because it’s their superpower. 


They’ve spoken at Fortune 100 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and Nationwide, as well as, the Athena Conference, Martha Beck Summit, and the San Francisco Giants. 

Coaching & Consulting

For You

For Your Relationship

For Your Business


Get Unstuck Class

Get moving on what’s important to you: health, relationship, business. 


Find Your Mojo in Montana Equus Retreat

Increase your confidence and presence at home and work

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Personal Coaching

Increase your confidence and improve your relationships


Relationship Mojo Class

Ignite your relationship (even if your partner isn’t interested)


Couples Mojo

Equus Retreat

Build a foundation of trust and connection

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Mojo Couples Coaching

Increase your intimacy, passion, and connection

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Team Building

Create a smart and healthy high performing team


Leadership Development

Build authentic, influential, and effective leaders

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Executive Coaching

Become the leader you know you can be


Our Style

Our style is fast-paced, fun, entertaining, packed with stories that grab and hold people’s attention, and most of all – effective. 

Our Clients Say

Thrive inc coaching consulting-13-14-28-
Thrive inc coaching consulting-13-14-28-

Leilani Gayles

SVP & Chief People Officer

“Please know you had a positive impact! Everyone appreciated the event. You're dynamic, engaging, and really read the room well. I am extremely grateful for the contributions not only you have made to the Giants, but to me personally. I’d love to have you back again.”

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Thrive inc coaching consulting-client te

Pete Ungaro


“Our off-sites with Thrive! have been an important part of Cray’s success. CrisMarie and Susan are great facilitators and have amazing, practical know-how to give management teams the tools they need to work more effectively and balance that with the needs of the business. I always learn a ton and have come away knowing our company is going to be more successful because of it.

Thrive inc coaching consulting-13-14-28-
Thrive inc coaching consulting-client te

Kim Hardgraves

Microsoft Director, Business Operations & Compliance

“I was introduced to CrisMarie and Susan when they came in to work with our leadership team at Microsoft. I really value their perspective on team conflict and building trust through vulnerability, curiosity and real teamwork on business issues. I have reused their materials over and over to great success with leaders and teams. I'm thrilled that this book is now out for other leaders. Their style is real, personal and practical. It’s a must-read for a leader wanting to build strong relationships and get great business results.”


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