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Couples Coaching Package

Susan Clarke

CrisMarie Campbell

In your relationship are you challenged with: 


  • Resentment 

  • Silent treatment 

  • Infidelity

  • Lack of sex

  • Broken trust

  • Boredom

  • Secrecy

  • Lack of appreciation


Couples Coaching can help you. 


We have developed a ground-breaking step-by-step relationship-changing process that teaches you how to stop the bickering and restore the connection you and your spouse once had. 


Couples Coaching Package

(4) 90 minute sessions, with (1) 90 minute follow up sessions 1 to 3 months out


You’ll learn:

  • Natural relationship dynamics and what you may be doing to undermine yours

  • How to move forward to break through reoccurring hot topics

  • How to engage in goodwill and trust building experiences

  • How to create boundaries that each of you feel good about

  • How learn key tools to speak up and be heard

  • How learn tools to close the gap between you and your partner

  • How to become a team rather than two individuals

  • How to talk so your partner will listen

  • How to replace efficiency with intimacy


These sessions will take place via video conference on the ZOOM platform. 


The package is designed to offer sessions every other week and we know sometimes schedule demand makes it harder.  The four sessions can be scheduled over a five-month period. The follow-up will be scheduled three months out from there.


Investment: $3750


Stop the Pain NOW!  

Couples Coaching Package

  • Hurt

  • Lack of affection or love

  • Lack of affection or love

  • Poor communication

  • Rejection

  • Need for space

  • Threat of divorce

  • Money Conflicts

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