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Couples mojo:

Igniting Connection, Intimacy, and Passion in Your Couple

September 10 - 13, 2020 

in Whitefish, Montana

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What Is Couples Mojo?


This is a four-day, three night workshop designed for couples to build a foundation of trust, connection, communication, and boundaries. This retreat will be held September 10 - 13, 2020 in Whitefish, Montana, and utilizes the wisdom of horses to open to your own vulnerability and authenticity.


Are you: 

  • Tired of bickering with your partner about chores and money, scheduling, the kids, the house?  

  • Tired of the draining disagreements, the silent treatment, the passive aggressive comments, the arguments that loop and loop and never seem to get resolved? 

  • Want to bring more peace into your relationship—and also, at the same time, get back that “spark” that’s been missing? 


Before giving up, breaking up, or calling a divorce lawyer, consider joining us for Couples Mojo in beautiful Whitefish, Montana September 10 - 13, 2020.


Get your heart and spark back!

Benefits of Couples Mojo


It is not easy taking care of your relationship, while also taking care of yourself.  Yet both are equally important if you want a healthy, vibrant relationship.


In Couples Mojo you will have the opportunity to:


  • Deepen your intimacy and connection

  • Practice essential couples' communication skills

  • Cultivate a relationship where each of you grow together, yet thrive as individuals too

  • Bring greater understanding and clarity to your daily conversations and relationship

  • Learn how to distinguish between boundaries and walls, and respect and value both

  • Learn to identify and express your preferences and how to deeply listen to theirs

  • Discover the powerful learning and fun that can come from playing with the horses!

  • Experience something different from your traditional couples counseling sessions – couples often report accelerated outcomes compared to individual sessions (though we believe there’s a place for both)

  • To learn and relate to others in this setting, connecting to the magic of a diverse group of couples. 


"I, Danny, as a male, football coach and logical thinker, found Susan and CrisMarie’s style, leadership, and process to be very helpful and engaging. I, Christina, discovered I was able to move out of fear into aliveness, as we were coached through a meaningful dialogue. Together, as a couple working with Susan and CrisMarie, either in Couples programs or reading their book, recognized our distancing patterns in our 30 year marriage. Now, nine years later, married for 39 years, our old unhealthy patterns have broken away. Our agreement to step into our own discomfort to find enriching ways to connect continues to deepened our relationship. Thanks Susan and CrisMarie."

– Danny and Christina Smith

Couples Mojo:

Igniting Connection, Intimacy, and Passion in Your Couple


**Registration Closed - Click below to be notified when registration opens for the next Couples Mojo Retreat**

Why Horses

Let’s talk about horses for a minute. I, Susan Clarke, am an Equus Coach and I partner with horses in most of my coaching practice. Most of this retreat will take place in the loving space of our equine partners and coaches. 


We don’t ride the horses during the coaching sessions. 


The horses are our guides because:

  • Horses model vulnerability. 

  • Horses invite vulnerability. 

  • Horses help us see our stories. 

  • Horses offer us a safe place to tell our stories and realize the truth that is, or is not. 

  • Horses invite compassion. Lots of it. Even if we don’t think we deserve it or don’t know how to accept it. 

  • Horses give us excellent feedback on the state of our relationships. 


"We have known Susan and CrisMarie for two decades.  During this time they have honed unique skills which are brought to the fore in their work with couples.  Their persistence in wading into relationship dynamics, naming what appears to be happening (or not happening), and catalyzing folks to dig deep and find new ways of relating, makes their approach both effective and invigorating.  They are not for the faint-of-heart:  your relationship WILL be impacted through the use of their tools, the benefit of their experience, and the keen-ness of their insights." – Carole Ames and Bill Leutz

Is Couples Mojo Right for Your Relationship?


If any of these statements feel true, Couples Mojo can help: 


  • “I want more intimacy in our relationship. I feel like we’re just roommates.”

  • “We used to have so much fun together. Nowadays everything is just so… blah.”

  • “There are certain things I want that my partner is just totally disinterested in.”

  • “I sometimes wonder if my partner is even attracted to me anymore.” 

  • “I don’t feel attracted to my partner anymore.”

  • “I’m not sure if we share the same vision of the future anymore.”

  • “I feel like I’m always irritating my partner just by existing, like somehow everything I do annoys them!”

  • “We’ve got a few recurring arguments that we can’t ever seem to resolve, like whether to spend the holidays at my parents’ house, or theirs.”

  • “I feel like I’ve forgotten who I am outside of this relationship. I don’t have very many passions of my own. Everything revolves around us, our life, our home.”

  • “I usually just go along with whatever my partner wants because it’s just easier that way. I don’t want to upset them.”

  • “I want life to feel more exciting, more alive, better, just… different.” 

  • “I can’t be myself in my relationship. I’ve just accepted it.”

  • “There are topics that we just can’t and don’t talk about.”


Those are the kinds of things we hear from our clients. If any of those statements ring true for you, or for your partner, then this book holds some helpful ideas for you.