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Reimagining Rather Than Abolishing With Amil Reddy

Amil Reddy (they/them) is all things consulting towards diversity, inclusion, and self-determination.

They start helping others by finding their lens: this means going back to one’s roots to find the hidden biases to therefore know one’s true identity. Amil states that they are a bridge-builder for people, but they will not take the journey with them. Amil acknowledges that they are there to support but not to determine what the people or organization’s resources need. Recognizing and working with biases is also what Amil works with when coaching. We can transform ourselves to transform others and we can grow and learn a lot by finding people that are extremely different from ourselves.

Join this conversation in which topics like privilege, empathy, visions, pronouns, enabling, and more, are discussed. Amil shares their whole heart and advice on this episode.

About Our Guest - Amil Reddy

Amil Reddy (they/them) is a trans person of color. They are a child of immigrants and grandchild of indentured laborers. They are also a settler parent to fur and human babies, partner to someone who challenges them. As they say during the episode, they are part native Fijian, part Nepalese from Nepal, and part Indian from Rajasthan: they are a product of that. Amil’s family grew up in the South Pacific.

Amil is a friend, bridge-builder, and lifelong learner. They prefer coffee over tea (except their mom’s chai), bread-making over winning, and trails over streets.

Find more about Amil on their website!

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Key Take-Aways

  • One will always see the world through our own lens, our own perspective.

  • Empowerment comes from a place in which someone has the power to give something.

  • Enable is a better way to say that we may have the resources for people to support themselves and self-determine.

  • Empathy is a superpower.

  • One cannot affect change without understanding oneself first.

  • Find people on social media that have a very different life story and background than yours and learn from it.

  • Recognition of the systems that we live in gives us a vision of our lives.

  • Introduce yourself with your pronouns.



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