Rebuilding Trust During and After Cancer

3-days, 2 nights All-Inclusive Retreat

At Apache Springs Ranch

October 25-27, 2019

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Are you a woman who is facing cancer?

Are you a woman living with cancer?

Are you a woman who has recovered from cancer?

This workshop is specifically designed for you!


Are you challenged by thoughts like:

  • “I can’t trust my body anymore.”

  • “I’m always afraid the cancer will come back.”

  • “My body is like a leaky boat with a thousand holes.”

  • “What did I do wrong? What am I doing wrong?”

  • “Why did this happen to me?”    

For many people, cancer feels like a betrayal. Your body is your home—yet it has turned on you. Maybe you did everything “right”—

  • you exercised regularly

  • you never touched a cigarette

  • you ate plenty of leafy greens

  • you led a wholesome and virtuous life


Yet you became sick anyway. You may:

  • think, “was all of that effort just a pointless waste of time?”

  • have trusted that “if I take good care of myself, then I won’t get ill.” Now that trust is broken.

  • feel discouraged and bewildered – like life is so unfair!


You are not alone.

You can rebuild trust with your body again.

I did, and I help women like you, every day, to do the same.


You can return to a place where your body feels like a friend, not an enemy.

You can experience a calm, clear mind, no longer cluttered with anxious questions like:

  • “what did I do wrong?”

  • "why did this happen?” and

  • “will it come back?”


You can feel strong and steady again.

Leader: Susan Clarke 

Cancer survivor. Author. Life and Equus coach.


I’m Susan Clarke. At the age of 24, I received my first cancer diagnosis.

The doctors gave me 6 months to live.


While most of my peers were graduating from college, applying for their first jobs, and moving into their first grown-up apartments, I was fighting for my life.


I’m still here. I went through three other different all unique types of cancer. I’m still here.


It was a long road back to health, but seven years later, I was cleared of the cancers in my body. Then the work began on regaining trust in my body.

Workshop Overview

When The Body Fails: Rebuild Trust

While Living With or After Recovery From Cancer

Join me and other women for this healing equus retreat at Apache Springs Ranch in Sonoita AZ This workshop is specifically designed for women who are facing cancer, living with cancer, or who have recovered from cancer.


During this retreat, you will discover your own path home—home to your body to yourself by:

  • connecting with the horses—and transformational Equus coaching with me

  • enjoy the beauty of Arizonia –  with to free time to walk, read, journal, and relax,

  • take in nourishing meals, uplifting conversations with other women

  • engage in activities designed to rebuild trust in your body.


You’ll leave the retreat feeling calm, strong, grounded, well rested, and connected to yourself—

  • your voice

  • your needs

  • your boundaries

  • your body.


You’ll return home with new insights that you’ll carry into your relationships:

  • with your medical team

  • your family

  • and friends.


In addition, you’ll have the shared wisdom and resonance of other women who have been on a similar journey back to wholeness.


Join us for When The Body Fails You: Rebuilding Trust During or After Cancer at Apache Springs,

Healing with horses


When you stand next to a horse, it’s like standing in front of a mirror of truth. Whatever you’re feeling—whether it’s peace, strength, calm, or perhaps insecurity, anxiety, annoyance—the horse picks up on your emotional state.


Horses teach you to listen to your body, to become aware of signals and be curious about whatever symptoms or sensations come up.


You won’t be alone. I will coach you to understand and move through these states and rebuild trust in your body.


Horse return to their natural state the fastest. other words, horses let go of trauma faster and return faster to their own natural state than any other species! Horses teach you to:

  • listen to your body

  • become aware of signals

  • be curious about whatever symptoms or sensations come up.


We tend to think we need to be “fixed.” Horses can help us discover the power of listening with curiosity. Horses are innately connected to the world around them—they have to be to survive.


Horses can teach us how to come back home to ourselves when we have lost the connection. I believe this is why horses are so profoundly healing and helpful in assisting us in reconnecting to our natural state.


Schedule for The Workshop


Below is a general agenda for the three days and two nights.




Morning: Arrive and Get Settled

Opening Session 2:00 – 5:00

Get to Know Each Other and The Horses

Break 5:00 to 6:00

Dinner 6:00

Circle Time 8:00 -9:00


Breakfast 7:30-8:30


Morning Session 9:00 – 12:00


Lunch Break 12:00 -2:00


Afternoon Session: 2:00 -5:00PM


Dinner 6:00 – 7:00


Evening Session 7:00-9:00



Breakfast 7:30-8:30


Morning session 9:00 – 12:00


Lunch – 12:00


End at 1:30


The Cancer Separation Syndrome


There is so much about cancer that overwhelms and separates you from the world around you. It can be a frightening, isolating experience on so many levels.


I know this not just from coaching people facing cancer over the years, but from my own journey through four cancers.


Often, that’s the word people use to describe facing cancer: a “fight.” The message is to stay strong, be positive, and never give up. You’re battling cancer, and all the while, your body is being attacked with chemicals, radiation, surgical procedures, medications to reduce pain or help quiet the storm. Family and friends just want you to be okay and are often fearful of talking about the reality of the situation.


You may be fearful, too! And you may not want to “be strong” or “stay positive” every day. Indeed, you may be terrified, angry, or tired of the fight.


Even after your cancer has gone into remission, the fight doesn’t end there. You may still be left wondering “will it come back?” or “why did I survive and someone else didn’t?”


The fight, the trauma, the pain—all of this leads to a separation from yourself and from others.


While you once felt fairly comfortable in your body, now your body is an unfamiliar landscape of scars, punctures, battle wounds. You might avoid looking at your body in the mirror, avoid wearing a swimsuit, or avoid being touched.


While you once enjoyed close-knit friendships, perhaps now you feel like an outsider. You feel separate from your friends because you’ve experienced something they haven’t. Despite their best intentions, they don’t “get” what you’ve gone through.


While you once felt connected to God, now you wonder, “how could God do this to me?” and your faith might be shaken.


You may also feel a sense of separation between you and your own emotions. When challenging emotions arise (fear, anxiety, overwhelm) perhaps you stuff them down, slap on a smile, and try to “put on a brave face” for your family. You don’t want them to worry and suffer any more than they already have.


I call this the “cancer separation syndrome.” It’s a feeling of being splintered into pieces—disconnected, detached, separate rather than whole.


You can rebuild that sense of connection, wholeness, and trust again.  

You can rediscover the wisdom of your body.

You can and tap into your full emotional landscape whatever your diagnosis may be.


Every person’s path back to wholeness is unique. Personally, one of the most transformational experiences of my life has been working with animals—specifically, with horses.


With Equus coaching, also called horse-assisted or equine-assisted coaching, you work with horses to release trauma and come home to yourself. Equus coaching has changed my life—and it’s one of my favorite experiences to share with my clients.


In addition, you’ll have the