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Relevant. Inspiring. Disarmingly Direct. 



Your audience will thank you for CrisMarie and Susan.


For more than fifteen years, CrisMarie and Susan have spoken to a range of audiences – corporate, government, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs. They are recognized experts on topics of Business Strategy and the art of getting leaders, departments, and entire organizations advancing together as healthy, functional, cohesive teams.


Their stories, words, and insights are a refreshing antidote to dull lectures and business-as-usual presentations. Together, they are perfect for your group to get to teamwork, collective creativity, and profits.

Get ready to rethink what you thought you knew about disagreement, conflict, and being polite!

Most Requested Topics:


Conflict 101: Turning “Oh Sh*t!” Moments into “Aha!” Success on Teams

When a team avoids conflict, it wastes the precious energy that drives creative problem solving and extraordinary results. CrisMarie and Susan reveal the root causes of unproductive conflict and conflict avoidance, and share practical real-world tools to deal with – and use – what’s not being said.


The Congruence Factor: Becoming the Leader People Want to Follow

Of all the skills great leaders have, earning the trust and confidence of others is the most challenging. Too often, leaders with a strong vision for what needs to get done may not know how to engage, enroll, and motivate other people to do the work.


Using the Genius At the Table: Proven Steps to Maximize Innovation

Innovation is the Holy Grail that business leaders seek to make their teams creative, their product irresistible, and their company great. What if that Holy Grail was free? What if the Holy Grail isn’t something to seek, like a formula or magic pill, but instead is innate to who we are as people?


Whether you’re rolling out a cultural change, helping leaders develop, or seeking a dynamic and real keynote speaking team for your group or organization, CrisMarie and Susan are your answer. To book thrive! for your next session contact us here.




Conflict Yes! Half-day team training 


As a leader, are you frustrated with a team that:


  • Unquestioningly defers to you or the loudest member (instead of searching for the best idea?)

  • Refuses to deal with one other, so the whole group must bend over backwards to work around them?

  • Has ‘tough personalities’ who rub others the wrong way?

  • Speaks more frankly outside the meeting than in it?

  • Lets disagreements go unresolved and create tension?


Unproductive conflict behaviors drain a team’s energy and enthusiasm, not to mention their ability to effectively and creatively solve real problems. This interactive experience is guaranteed to spark positive changes in the way your team relates and the way you lead. The experience drives healthier, more productive ways to interact, disagree, and generate wildly creative and extraordinary solutions.

We work with executive teams, leadership teams, management groups and project teams in growing companies.







Whether speaking to a group of 150 or 1000, CrisMarie and Susan are dynamic, inspiring, and credible. On stage, they captivated the crowd, bridging the cultural gap between two merging organizations. I found them personal and professional, fun, easy to work with, and sensitive to our needs. We also loved the subsequent off-sites they did with our leadership team.

Val Asbury

World Wide President, Diabetes Solutions Companies, A Johnson & Johnson Company

CrisMarie and Susan are engaging, real, and relatable on stage. My entire organization found them professional, personal, dynamic, and funny. We still talk about what we learned about dealing with conflict on teams that day, well over a year later! They also did impactful work with our leadership team.

Andrew D. Walker

Senior Vice President, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

The highlight for me was the standing-room-only crowd that squeezed in to hear Susan and CrisMarie speak about their unique take on emotional intelligence and the value of healthy conflict on teams. The audience listened attentively and stayed long afterward to ask Susan and CrisMarie more about their presentation. We were also impressed with our results as a board when they came back to facilitate two day team session.​

Cathy McNally

Chairperson, The Haven Foundation Board

Whether speaking to an executive team or an entire management organization, CrisMarie and Susan keep the audience engaged! They’re motivational, informative, and inspiring. I love how they play off each other in real-time, making them likeable and compelling. Their model on teams and healthy conflict is powerful and impactful.

Amy Wright

VP People Services, Marchex, Inc.

CrisMarie and Susan helped our two very different commercial organizations merge into one cohesive commercial unit. I found them engaging presenters for our combined commercial organization of over 600 people. Their approach to Change Management combines solid principles with practical, down-to-earth tools to apply immediately. They were very knowledgeable, worked with the needs of our organization and fun to work with!

G. Gonzalez, Director of Sales Service, Johnson & Johnson

CrisMarie and Susan are energetic and magnetic on stage, their interplay serves to bring the very concepts they teach to life right in front of us. I saw a million ways I could immediately implement their practical, down-to-earth information and tools. They’re completely engaging, thought-provoking, clear, and, most of all, FUN.”

Bridgette Boudreau,

CEO, Martha Beck Inc.

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