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What Are Your Challenges Working in a Corporate Organization?

What Are Your Challenges Working in a Corporate Organization?

  • Do you struggle balancing being yourself in the midst of a political corporate environment?

  • Do you feel like you have to walk on egg shells so you don’t offend someone in authority?

  • Do you wonder – “Is it really okay to disagree - or - will I get fired?”

These are all challenges I hear from coaching clients at all levels of organizations.

Often, finding your way in a corporate setting means giving up a part of yourself and you may not even realize the cost or the price you are paying for that next level.

I believe it’s possible to stay real and thrive within companies, but I don’t pretend to say it’s easy!

It takes tremendous courage to be personal and real, while believing in a cause, following a shared vision, and handling company politics.

My Favorite Coach

My best coach was a man who had very clear opinions. He was thoughtful and he’d share what he liked or disliked about whatever topic or project I was wrestling with.

In my darkest times, I’d go talk to him.

When I was struggling with my life threatening health situation and later the next steps for my life and career, he’d give me straight, sometimes hard, feedback.

Later, when I was working as Marriage and Family Therapist inside a large medical system, I found myself torn. I was in a system that wanted me to diagnosis and deal with people in quick rapid sessions, as well as foster relationships with other providers and insurance people who didn’t speak my language or have similar values.

I’d go back to my coach and rant and threaten to quit or challenge the system. He’d listen and generally point out what I was doing that was getting in my way of being effective.

He never got caught up in my drama.

He always held me in high regard.

He believed in me.

He knew I would make more of my situation.

The Power of an Outside Coach

I now believe discovering how to hold the tension, and getting straight real feedback, was the key to finding my own passion. It moved me to discover my love of helping leaders and teams value differences and the beauty in conflict.

For thirty plus years now, I’ve been engaged and committed as a coach, consultant, and trusted advisor within systems. I’ve worked for family businesses to Fortune 100 corporations.

I always support people in being themselves while being a part of something bigger.

I know that there will always be tension between being a part of an organization and being yourself.

How you handle that tension and your ability to hold the tension is what makes the difference between you being mediocre and miserable or successful and fulfilled.

Will you shine?

Or will you hold back and get tossed about?

This is why I started Lighthouse Leadership coaching because you as a leader within an organization need someone who will simply give you straight, clear feedback.

Someone who isn’t invested in you rise or fall or how much revenue you generate or right answers you have but who has faith in your ability to take feedback and make more of it for your next step or big move.

You can be your authentic self.

You can speak up and be heard.

You may crack the eggshell and learn how to recover.

You can influence and shine.

Let me help you.

I am a leadership and relationship coach and I work with my partner, CrisMarie Campbell where we do team building and consulting.

Together we’ve written two books on The Beauty of Conflict as well launched our podcast, The Beauty in Conflict.

Reach out to me if you want to be a lighthouse in your organization.

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