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Taking Leadership Development To the Next Level

Today’s corporate and non-profit leaders must set strategy, sustain their performance, learn to read clues in their environment, maintain trusting communications throughout the organization, form cohesive teams, and course- correct in uncertain, stressful times. Equus coaching teaches these skills and more.


This one day offering will provide you an opportunity to have an Equus coaching session, meet some other women leaders in the area and take away some practical ways to apply the learning back at the office.


What is Equus Coaching?


Equus Coaching is a facilitated experience with you in a round pen with a horse, that has no halter or rein. The horse provides you with sensitive biofeedback allowing you to understand your impact in a deeper more nuanced way. This allows you to access more ability to influence the horse, and your people back at the office, from a congruent and empowered place.

Why does it work? 

Regular coaching engages the left brain so we notice and adjust our thoughts and behaviors.  Equus Coaching merges traditional coaching with physical experience to engage the whole human system—mind, body, emotions, breath, presence, and energy.  Communication is 70% body language and energy, 20% tone of voice, and 10%

words.  The horses mirror our thoughts and emotions and allow us to see ourselves as others see us. Equus

Coaching makes that 90% count.

Give yourself the gift of focused play with your colleagues, the horses, and skilled coaches.  You’ll learn about yourself, practice better ways of leading, and go home with concrete action steps to make your life better.  Your world may never look or feel the same. 

This one day offering Involves a $250 investment per person and a pair of close-toed shoes!

You also may not want to dress in your business best!

If this idea resonates with you, and you want to bring the Equus Leadership program to your organization, email Susan(@)ThriveInc.com to find out more details about what's possible. Susan would love to partner with you to bring this Equus leadership development to you and your organization!

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Thrive inc coaching consulting social me
Thrive inc coaching consulting social me

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