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Interview With Lindsay Pinchuk

Today’s guest packed her things after not feeling supported by her job in a big corporation besides being a mother and having a side gig.

This is Lindsay Pinchuk’s story as an entrepreneur and mom. She never meant to leave corporate America to be a mom, but she didn’t want to be a stay-at-home mom, you can catch the conflict there, right? During the pandemic, Lindsay and her company Bump Club & Beyond pivoted and thrived during 2020. Lindsay is a believer that work shouldn’t feel hard to do, and she encourages you to reflect upon your work. She now helps entrepreneurs and small business owners find their true passion and community.

Tune in to this episode to listen to Lindsay’s story and her tidbits on entrepreneurship!

About our Guest - Lindsay Pinchuk

For two decades Lindsay Pinchuk has worked in marketing, advertising, media, content, and sales for and with the world’s largest brands. While Lindsay bleeds maize and blue as a University of Michigan alum, she also has a soft spot for the Northwestern Wildcats where she earned her Master's of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications. A Detroit-area native, Lindsay now calls the Chicago’s North Shore home where she resides with her husband, two daughters, and mini Bernadoodle. Lindsay insists that everything she’s needed to succeed in life she learned at summer camp (where she also met her husband!). When she’s not working or enjoying time with her family, you can find her eating sushi with friends, on the lawn at Ravinia, or in the front row of the most recent concert. Follow her @lindsaypinchuk on Instagram for more.

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Key Take-Aways

  • What different outcomes may come from creating your own opportunities.

  • How important it is to have a support system and resources close to you.

  • Why businesses that pivoted during the pandemic thrived and are still running.

  • Which factors one should take into account to make relevant changes.

  • How your network can help you build your business.

  • Why it is necessary to make a community out of your audience.



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