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Interview with Katrin Zimmermann

Communications and leadership can upgrade by balancing digital and human elements.

In this episode of the Beauty of Conflict, Susan sits down with Katrin Zimmermann, CEO and Managing Director of TLGG Consulting USA, to talk about digital transformation, communication challenges in the workplace, and technology’s impact on human interactions. They touch upon the pros and cons of digital communication as well as the role of AI in assisting leaders with complex decision-making and conflict resolution. Katrin and Susan highlight the importance of leadership qualities like clear communication, resilience, vulnerability, and creating a space that embraces learning from mistakes. They also discuss how the pandemic brought some positive aspects, like humanity and understanding, to the workspace and their desire to carry those forward into the future.

Listen to this episode and learn some tips to navigate digital transformation and leadership in the post-pandemic era!

About Katrin Zimmermann

Katrin launched TLGG’s New York office. As Managing Director, she is responsible for consulting services with global clients. At TLGG, Katrin has served and mentored clients on business strategy, digital transformation, marketing transformation, and innovation up to the C-suite.

Prior to joining TLGG, Katrin co-created the Lufthansa Innovation Hub (named as best digital lab by Capital Magazine in 2017 and 2018) with global responsibility for business innovation, where she developed ventures in the services and mobility field from Seoul to Berlin.

She has a deep knowledge of digital marketing and growth hacking techniques which enabled new ventures to scale quickly and incumbent players to maximize their ROI strategically.

Katrin has over 15 years of client-side experience in travel, hospitality, logistics, and loyalty.

Katrin is also an expert in web analytics, SEO, and SEM. She has a proven track record of driving traffic and improving conversions through data-driven optimization strategies.

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Key Take-Aways

  • How technology is transforming business practices and organizations digitally.

  • What is the value of balancing digital and in-person communications.

  • What are some essential leadership qualities for a workplace that implements digital communications.

  • How AI is helping organizations and their leaders.

  • What positive changes implemented during the pandemic could be carried on.


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