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How to Create Confidence with Micha Goebig

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Women often get accused of being too emotional and not confident enough.

In this episode of the Beauty of Conflict, Susan has the honor to interview Micha Goebig, an accomplished coach and author, as she shares her journey in a male-dominated industry like the auto and tech field, how she started to create her own confidence, and how she works with clients. Micha moved around the US and Germany several times before settling down in Seattle, and the cultural changes were something she had to consider when dealing with people. Confidence is not a natural skill humans are born with, it can be learned and trained. Micha also gives a couple of examples of how she uses this when coaching.

Tune in to this episode to hear a wonderful woman talk about empowering other women in male-dominated industries!

About our Guest - Micha Goebig

Micha is a public speaker, certified coach, published author. She is a member of Forbes Coaches Council and the lead presentation coach for TEDxSeattle. Before training as a coach, she founded, and still owns, a boutique agency that specializes in corporate communications for the German luxury car and supplier industries, a field in which she has 20 years of experience as a communications expert, intercultural trainer and workshop host.

Micha holds a master’s degree from the University of Munich, taught at several colleges in the USA and Germany, has published extensively in both German and English (including a novel with RandomHouse), and trained with one of Germany’s leading executive coaches as well as Rich Litvin and others in the USA.

Micha primarily works with women in tech and other male-dominated industries, guiding her clients through the process of unlearning what holds them back and gaining the confidence they currently lack in their professional environment. Going forward, they will be able to rewrite the rules and change the world – one company, one community, one boardroom at a time.

Born and raised in Germany, Micha is all about being efficient and pragmatic, solution-oriented and direct. Her background is in “old tech”, the German luxury car industry, and since moving to the US, she has found that the issues women are facing at leading tech companies and start-ups are rather similar.

This is why Micha focuses mostly on issues such as negative self-talk, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, self-sabotage, etc. in her talks and workshops. On top of that, she works with individual women that inspire her as much as she hopes to inspire them – either in 1-on-1 sessions or through coaching office hours at their company.

If you’d like us to speak at your organization about conflict, stress, team-building, or leadership, work with your team virtually, or coach you or leaders on your team, reach out to us!

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Key Take-Aways

  • How to navigate a male-dominated environment.

  • Why, according to the culture, things will get more personal when there is disagreement.

  • How people that grew up having conversations around disagreement, won’t take things too personally.

  • How Micha defines confidence and how she helps other women find it.

  • Why do supportive backgrounds help people have more confidence in themselves.

  • How to find moments of embodied joy and significance to use as a confidence booster.


  • Connect and follow Micha Goebig on LinkedIn.

  • Grab a virtual coffee with Micha on her website.

  • Know more about the Four-Sides model here.


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