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Front Stoop Chat with Julienne B. Ryan

Storytelling can bring some helpful insights for communication and connection.

In this episode of the Beauty of Conflict, Susan and CrisMarie sit down to talk with communication catalyst Julienne Ryan about her experiences and insights concerning communication, storytelling, and interpersonal dynamics. Growing up in Queens, Julienne developed communication strategies involving humor, confrontation, and avoidance, which have since become valuable tools in her roles as a coach, speaker, and storyteller. Reflecting on her time in HR, she highlights communication challenges linked to assumptions, listening gaps, and excessive email usage. She recounts a pivotal moment where embracing her unique qualities during a significant speaking engagement shifted her perceived barriers into strengths. Julianne further discusses the impact of narrative storytelling, the importance of assuming positive intentions, and effectively managing information overload in a digital context.

Learn communication strategies to apply in our day and age from Julienne by listening to this episode!

About Julienne B. Ryan

Julienne B. Ryan is a communication catalyst! She leads her clients through a journey of self–discovery, and self-acceptance as she connects them to the power of personal storytelling. Julienne presents humorous, motivational storytelling presentations that celebrate her client’s challenges and hero moments. She delivers interactive keynotes at national and regional conferences sharing insights about communication, relationships, and leadership. She is also an avid podcast guest and co-host, and nothing makes her happier than the opportunity to share backstories.

For businesses and organizations, Julienne facilitates story workshops that focus on leadership, communications, and relationship-building skills. She teaches key story elements, listening skills, and improvisation as she shows clients how to use their voice, spirit, and body to become their authentic selves. Her goal is for her clients is for them to leave her sessions smiling, and feeling positive about their ability to connect and communicate with others.

Julienne brings to her work, her experience as a talent management professional, educator, and performer. She has consulted with non-profits, academic institutions, and multinational corporations. She holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology and Leadership from Teachers College, Colombia University, and a dual B.A. in Psychology/Urban Studies from Manhattan College.

Julienne is a member of the National Storytelling Network and currently serves as the Stories in Organization SIG Chair. She is also a member of ATD, Arts Westchester, and the Blue Door Gallery.

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Key Take-Aways

  • Why assuming positive intentions is important in communication and connection.

  • How active listening and reflection can improve communication.

  • Why accountability paired with self-compassion is essential.

  • How connection is fostered through food.

  • How to navigate challenges in digital communication.


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