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Four Important Pivots

We are back with our book review discussion episodes! In this episode of The Beauty of Conflict, CrisMarie interviews Susan after she’s read the book The Four Pivots: Reimagining Justice, Reimagining Ourselves. These four pivots help you see the world from another perspective. Shawn Ginwright, the author, proposes the following pivots: being aware of your mirror, turning your relationships into transformational ones, finding new creative possibilities for problem-solving, and tuning into the flow. CrisMarie and Susan interweave the pivots with what they teach in their leadership and coaching sessions. What we discuss in this episode can be applied to your business and your personal life.

We will keep doing these book reviews; we know you’ll find something useful!

If you’d like us to speak at your organization about conflict, stress, team-building, or leadership, work with your team virtually, or coach you or leaders on your team, reach out to us!

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Key Take-Aways

  • What are the four pivots that Shawn Ginwright proposes.

  • How to identify one’s own lens and how it affects how we see the world.

  • Why there’s a continuum between Power and Strength and how it works.

  • How being aware of the mirror helps you get more valuable feedback.

  • Why changing your relationships from transactional to transformative.

  • How to deal with trauma slowly and at your own pace.

  • What new creative possibilities can you do when you shift your mindset on problem-solving.

  • Why success must come from the inside.

  • How tuning into the flow helps you be more productive.



CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

Coaches, Business Consultants, Speakers and Authors of The Beauty of Conflict

CrisMarie and Susan work with leaders and teams, couples in business, and professional women.

They help dysfunctional turnaround teams into high-performing, cohesive teams who trust each other, deal with differences directly, and have clarity and alignment on their business strategy, so they create great results.

Download the eBook, How to Talk About Difficult Topics, today!

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