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Do you want Passion, Intimacy and Connection?

Whatever happens at work may be affecting your relationships at home.

This episode of the Beauty of Conflict describes how the emotions built up in other environments have an effect at home with your partner. Susan and CrisMarie have been coaching CEOs and leaders, and there is always a common thread: they think their emotions don’t show or affect them. Well, they do. And they may take a toll on your personal relationships. Being aware of one’s own triggers, emotions, and patterns is a whole journey that starts with little steps. The two of them discuss this in-depth in the Executive Skill No One Talks About episode, published earlier this month. Your partner may be your support system, and it is essential that both have other ways to deregulate their feelings rather than each other.

We hope this episode is valuable for you and you can identify your triggers for a healthier relationship.

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Key Take-Aways

  • How the environment can create so much uncertainty that is transmitted to relationships at home.

  • Why and how processing emotions and feelings impact the physical body.

  • What a trigger may look like in certain situations.

  • How separating yourself from the situation for a while can help you decompress emotions.

  • What the relationship map is, and how does it relate to math.

  • How setting boundaries and showing up for oneself is beneficial in relationships.



CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

Coaches, Business Consultants, Speakers and Authors of The Beauty of Conflict

CrisMarie and Susan work with leaders and teams, couples in business, and professional women.

They help dysfunctional turnaround teams into high-performing, cohesive teams who trust each other, deal with differences directly, and have clarity and alignment on their business strategy, so they create great results.

Download the eBook, How to Talk About Difficult Topics, today!

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