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Conflict is About Problem Solving, Not Winning with Fred Golder

Transcending conflict and fostering understanding can be done with the help of emotional intelligence and a few practical tips.

In this episode of The Beauty of Conflict, Susan and CrisMarie sit down to interview attorney Fred Golder about conflict resolution and the understanding of the dynamics of conflict in various contexts. They touch on the current global state of conflict, its impact on work and relationships, and the need for a comprehensive perspective in addressing conflicts. Fred talks about his journey of exploring conflict resolution, considering factors like evolution, genetics, biology, personality, and psychology. Throughout the conversation, he emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and respecting differences, recognizing the emotional aspects of conflicts, and advocating for emotional intelligence. He also provides practical tips and tools for effective communication and conflict resolution, such as active listening and avoiding common traps, are also discussed.

Listen to this episode and learn some insights and strategies for navigating conflicts constructively from Fred Golder!

About Frederick T. Golder:

Attorney Golder has over 30 years of experience in conflict resolution, as a mediator, arbitrator, and fact-finder, successfully resolving disputes. He has taught labor and employment law, conflict resolution, trial techniques, alternative dispute resolution, and organizational behavior at Northeastern University, Harvard Law School, Boston College Law School, Boston University School of Law, M.I.T., Emory Law School, Suffolk University Law School, and Massachusetts School of Law. He educates organizations in conflict resolution, harassment prevention, team building, diversity, equity, and inclusion, organizational behavior, and group interaction. Attorney Golder has appeared on national radio and television and has written extensively in this field. His books include Reaching Common Ground: A Comprehensive Guide to Conflict Resolution (Luminare Press); Uncivil Rights: A Guide to Workers’ Rights, 2nd Ed. (Beachfront Press); Labor and Employment Law: Compliance and Litigation, 3rd Ed. (Thomson-West).

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Key Take-Aways

  • What the crucial role of emotional intelligence in conflict resolution is.

  • How one can navigate conflicts effectively by avoiding common traps.

  • Which tools are recommended for effective communication in conflict situations.

  • How political affiliations and moral foundations impact conflicts.

  • Why acknowledging and expressing emotions is important in conflict resolution, and when emotions become non-productive in the process.


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