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Confidence, Confidence, Confidence

What’s wrong with being a little confident? This episode of The Beauty of Conflict was inspired by a LinkedIn post written by a colleague of Susan and CrisMarie, who explained that in leadership, confidence is being so self-aware of who one really is and our competencies. This episode is our take on confidence! For us, being confident implies a strong connection between two things: body and mind. In her work with horses, Susan recognized that they are unaware of what’s happening in the human head; they only read the physical reactions of their bodies. It is the same with humans, we are most confident when we are aware of our bodies. There are several ways to build your confidence, and always going back to your body is one of them.

We know that it’s easy to say “build your confidence” but hard to actually do it, so we hope this episode was full of tips you can use when you feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

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Key Take-Aways

  • How clarifying it can be to ask oneself what confidence means.

  • Why your entire body needs to be in sync with your mind to be confident.

  • What is the relationship between confidence and self-worth, and how does it affect each individual.

  • How confidence fluctuates.

  • Why experiential knowledge brings more awareness to the human body.



CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

Coaches, Business Consultants, Speakers and Authors of The Beauty of Conflict

CrisMarie and Susan work with leaders and teams, couples in business, and professional women.

They help dysfunctional turnaround teams into high-performing, cohesive teams who trust each other, deal with differences directly, and have clarity and alignment on their business strategy, so they create great results.

Download the eBook, How to Talk About Difficult Topics, today!

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