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An Invitation for You: The Power of Eight - Join me in aligning our intentions for transformation

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

My life shifted when I was in my twenties. I am about to turn 60. I wasn’t expected to make it to 25. Between 1983 and 1990, I went through 4 different types of cancers. The foundation of who I was cracked and was forever crumbled.

Living with cancer, as well as the interpersonal conflict that erupted in my family during those seven years, was destabilizing. My life was in chaos. Every day was uncertain. I didn’t know if I was going to live or die. If I had support or not.

My writing of that story has happened in fits and spurts over many years.

There are chapters in journals, on floppy discs (some of you won’t even remember those), PC’s and Macs. My book has a title: Crazy, Cracked, Warm and Deep. It’s the stories of me trying to put the pieces back together of my life when it cracked and crumbled.

I have called it my big “C” story. My story of cancer and conflict that dominated my life for seven years. Recently, another big “C” has reared its head: the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is fascinating is that my previous seven-year journey with uncertainty is reverberating through me now. Today, it’s not just my personal story but a global story.

The uncertainty was always the biggest challenge for me during the cancers and interpersonal conflict. It’s here again, big time! I’m finding some peace and presence today by remembering how I rode the waves of uncertainty back then.

I didn’t know it then that I was being prepared for something greater. Who I thought I was crumbled and cracked to let the light in. The process opened my heart and brought me into fuller and deeper connection with myself and the living world around me.

Today’s Pandemic is cracking my armor yet again. Funny how we harden up in certain times. I have faith in this process even though I have no answers, even though it’s uncomfortable, even though I have no certainty.

Many of my coaching clients and friends don’t have a reference point for today’s chaos and uncertainty. They keep wanting to go back to the way it was. They want certainty, yet there is none.

I’ve been guided to pull out and share my stories and the many lessons my previous cancer conflict journey taught me.

Physical distancing may actually be just what drops us back into our natural state of intra and inter-connection to ourselves, each other, and the planet.

Before the Corona virus broke loose, I happened to be reading a book, The Power of Eight. The author, Lynne Taggert, studied the power of intention when a group gets together with an aligned intention.

With the recent events, and my own powerful healing experiences that took place with the alignment of the hearts and minds of small groups of people, I am moved to create my own Power of Eight (maybe even more) group. I want to engage in our interconnection to see what’s possible.

I’ll also be revealing the rest of my book, that has been hidden, out into the light. Maybe one small step at a time. Today’s step is providing you with an invitation.

I want to invite you to join my: Pandemic Purpose Project: The Power of Eight.

Like Margaret Mead, I have always been a believer in the power of a small group of people. One of my stories is about when I felt my cells shift once in a circle of people all focused on my healing from cancer. Later I discovered that the miracle had happened – the cancer was gone.

I believe many of you, my friends and colleagues, have your own stories of miracles, magic, and possibility. I want you to join me.

With the chaos and changes that are occurring on a global level, I want to do something with you. Even though we are physically distance we can be socially connected.

What is: Pandemic Purpose Project: The Power of Eight.

We, CrisMarie and I, have invited a few friends to join us in setting a plan and structure. We are meeting Wednesday evening, March 25.

What will come next is an invitation to join us through Zoom

The Commitment: Weekly for an Hour

The Structure:

Check-in and Aligning Ourselves (20-30minutes)

Focused Intentions: (20 -24 Minutes). (We ask for request for healing and support in advance and depending on our numbers pick the appropriate number of intentional targets each week)

Closing Connection

Want to Play: Click Here

We Intend to Start next week!

Resources and Book Review

The Book: The Power of Eight

I know some people want to know the science – McTaggert’s book is about as close as you will get and a great resource.

Book Review:

What if global change doesn’t require a critical mass of thousands of people to save the environment, inspire peace and move us toward compassion and cooperation? During Lynne’s decade-long work on intention with prestigious scientists, she discovered an astonishing fact: when people carry out intention for each other in small groups of eight, miraculous healings occur – virtually in an instant.

As McTaggart writes near the end of her book; “I’ve observed firsthand that consciousness is a collective activity, with the ability to traverse time and space, and that minds connect from any distance when focused on a single point. Connection has nothing to do with proximity and everything to do with the collective capacity to create.”

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