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6 Tips for Home-Work Relationship and Business Success

There’s information for leaders and teams to shift to working on-line. One area that isn’t being addressed, but may be louder than ever right now is: work-life balance. Managing your relationships at home --  just became critical to your business success. Are your struggling with any of these circumstances:

  • Babies crying, or dogs barking, during your video meetings

  • Competition for the internet bandwidth with your spouse and kids

  • Fights over whose job is more important – “No, you watch the kids!”

  • Bored kids walking behind you while you’re on a video call

  • Without the commute, your workday just expanded

You are not alone. Yes, it is new, and it may be difficult. You can make it work for you, your family, and your business success. Read on to learn how.

You Need to Build Your Home Team Work has become very personal. Your relationship with your spouse may be the most important focus for your business success. Sure, your relationship may have always been a priority, but right now you can’t get away from having to ensure clarity and cohesion at home as the number one priority – otherwise nothing will get done! You need to learn to work as a team while being in the same space 24/7. Here are some tips: 1. Take Care of Yourself Implement a daily structure for yourself: get up, make your bed, take a shower and get dressed, plan your meals, and sit down to eat. Limit your exposure to news or social media. Determine what you need for self-care: a walk, exercise, a dance break, 5 minutes of breathing meditation, yoga, or a bath -- and schedule it in. 2.  Morning Meeting Have a standup brief ten to fifteen minute morning meeting with the whole family. Get clear on schedules, spaces, internet, meals, and expectations of chores. It can seem like overkill but it really works. 3. Couple Connection It’s important to process how you are feeling through this crisis. Talk with your partner daily either in the AM or PM. It doesn’t have to take long. In fact, if you use our 5-5-5 tool (Listen to this podcast to learn how) you can contain it to 15 minutes. 4.  Create Structure for the Kids Children need structure. Set up a daily schedule that includes learning, chores, meals, exercise, and play. Talk about space boundaries. Where they can go and where they can not go. You also need to build in time in your schedule for facilitating their activities. 5. Evening Debrief Debrief and connect with the family. One: Have each person (yes, the kids too) share for up to 2 minutes:

  • What worked?

  • What didn’t work?

  • What I’m going to do differently tomorrow.

If this sounds too business like simply have each person share: “one high from my day was…; one low from my day was…, and something I wish I had done differently was…” Summary This is a time of upheaval. We are all doing the best we can. Remember it’s about progress not perfection. Expect less productivity from yourself and the rest of the family as you learn how to manage these new conditions and work together as a team. Warmly, CrisMarie and Susan P.S. If you want support, both CrisMarie and I, Susan, offer individual one-on-one coaching and relationship coaching. Just hit reply and we’ll set up a time to talk to you individually. P.S.S. If you and your spouse want some support, we also offer couples coaching via Zoom. Just reply to this email and we’ll set up a time to chat about your specific situation. P.S.S.S Here are some podcast episodes that may help you cope at home.

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