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Are You Waiting to be Tapped on the Shoulder?

I know I was.

I kept thinking, “Someone is going to recognize how awesome I am, and say, ‘I want to mentor you. Let me help you.’”

No one has.

Then, I started to realize, for any of my goals, I’ve always fueled them with my own desire.

Take rowing for example. When I decided to do it, I was 18 and wasn’t an athlete. I was too short. The coach actually asked me if I wanted to be the coxswain, the tiny person who steers the boat. When I said, “No, I want to row.” She turned on a dime and walked away without a word.

I didn’t let it dent my enthusiasm. Maybe it was blind ignorance. Maybe it was pure passion.

Whatever it was, I carried on. I did ask for help though. I asked the assistant coach how I could be successful and did the work. I asked a teammate to teach me how to lead a boat and did the work. When I was injured, I asked how I could still train, and found The Mental Athlete, and did the work.

Anything you really want, you have to want it.

You have to believe in yourself.

You have to tap yourself on the shoulder.

You have to go for it and do the work.

Activate Your Goals

Take Nancy. Nancy was a housewife, a realtor with two kids, who wanted to be a life coach. She went through coaching school and got certified but just couldn’t start her own business.

When I started coaching with Nancy, I gave her my first 5-minute a day step.

5-minute Step for Success

I told Nancy to write down her goals as if they’ve already happened,

every day for least five minutes.

For example:

“I’m so grateful that I have a thriving coaching practice. I’m so grateful I have ten clients who’ve purchased my premium package. I’m so grateful I have a solid, competent, loyal team that takes care of my website, social media, customer email database, my brand, and logistics.”

5 Minutes Writing Your Goals As If They’ve Already Happened

I want you, reading this article, to spend at least five minutes writing down your goals as if they’ve already happened. You might say, “Oh CrisMarie, that’s woo-woo hogwash!”

It’s not—it’s actually brain science.

Your brain wants to close the gap between where you are and where you’re going. It will focus, noticing information and opportunities that’ll help you accomplish your goals.

Hey, don’t believe me. Try it.

When I first gave this assignment to Nancy, she forgot it. The next week she remembered the assignment, started it, but then got distracted. The third week she got some traction. By the fourth week, she was spending 15 minutes a day doing the work and loving it.

Nancy now has a thriving coaching practice. She’s been able to leave her realtor business and is making great dough! Sure, it took her nine months, but isn’t five minutes a day worth it?

What goals do you want to accomplish?

What are you waiting for?

Tap your own shoulder!

Start the 5 Minute Step for Success

You’re worth it!

Write your goals down for five minutes every day, and then Facebook me and tell me what starts to happen. Can’t wait to hear!!



Your feminist confidence coach

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