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Discover the Magic of the #PinkBeetle

Anyone who follows CrisMarie and I on Facebook may have noticed more than one posting about our efforts to find a #PinkBeetle.

CrisMarie discovered that Volkswagen had a special line of fuscia pink Beetles and she had to have one! The problem was that she discovered this after the limited line had been sold out and was no longer an option.

She was heartbroken! However, she decided to put it out to the universe to find her a pink Beetle, thus the Facebook postings and her request for help.

Within a day of her first attempt to find the impossible, CrisMarie connected with a friend of a friend who was a car dealer who’d had a client bring in a pink Beetle for trade. It was magical! (And did I mention this first pink Beetle was in Missoula, MT?)

Well, the magic of that moment became a little bit of a tease. The young woman selling her pink Beetle never decided on another car; however, for a few weeks we were getting texts that she was coming in to look and was ready to deal!

Our pink Beetle was soooo close!

In the meantime, friends and family all offered various ways to make the pink Beetle a reality - everything from getting another color beetle and painting it pink to leads on very old light pink beetles. We also used our #PinkBeetle energy to go to test drive various other Beetles, like a white classic (quite nice - but not the pink Beetle), a Tornado red was another option that drove well, but still, not the pink Beetle.

Throughout this journey what we discovered was that the pink Beetle signified a much deeper meaning and purpose than just owning a pink Beetle!

If you know CrisMarie and her journey, you may already know she can struggle with staying in her own shoes and doing what she loves. She has been working on this for a while, and in so many ways she has found her voice and passion.

However, she still gets caught doing things because she does them super well or can make it work. But sometimes she listens way too much to other voices, or the bully in her head, or suffers from a consultant’s tendency to be whatever the client wants instead of staying true to her own inner wisdom.

Just recently, as her coach, I started helping her own more of her pink Beetle energy as a resource she could step into when she notices that she’s feeling pressure, getting cranky, or begins to let “practical and sensible” shutdown her inner heart and spark, her mojo!

It’s clear to me that the #PinkBeetle, though one cool vehicle, was really about much more than driving!

In my coaching session with CrisMarie, I helped her use her breath and tap into a ‘felt sense’ of being in that pink Beetle. Then I encouraged her to experiment with a few interruptions, like when a corporate client called and wanted something right now. I reminded her to notice her reaction to the client, and then before responding, mentally step into her pink Beetle and get clear from the inside out what fit and what didn’t.

We went through a few different scenarios -- even a few involving me, and soon the pink Beetle was an easy path back to her own choice and inner GPS.

It is super clear that the pink Beetle taps into CrisMarie’s joy and her own special brand of Mojo!

For now, that pink Beetle has become her bubble, that place she comes back to when she notices she is doing things that don’t fit or that she’s getting cranky. She stops and pictures herself in that pink Beetle, cruising along to cool tunes. Once she is back in her own mojo, she can decide what she really wants and speak up from there.

The pink Beetle still has not yet manifested itself into our driveway, but we haven’t given up. I think it’s still may happen! However, for now it’s a lot of fun as a metaphor and works as a quick path back for CrisMarie to own her choices and taps into her mojo. You can’t beat that!

So, here’s my question for you?

What car are you? Do you have a #PinkBeetle story to tell, or are you interested in discovering your own #PinkBeetle energy? I’d love to hear!



P.S. Myself, I’ve decided I am a purple Jeep Wrangler! Why? I’m good at going off-road with people, and if you get stuck in a ditch, I’m excellent at pulling you out of ditches or snowbanks. Give me a call if you might need a little coaching in finding your spark and mojo!

P.S.S Enjoy a giggle here!

CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke are Master certified life coaches, business consultants, speakers and authors of The Beauty of Conflict. They believe real relationships are the key to creating great business results. They’ll take your team from mediocre to great.

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