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CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

Speakers, Coaches, Business Consultants, and Authors


Cancer thriver!

Relevant. Inspiring. Disarmingly Direct.


CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke believe that using the energy of healthy conflict is the secret sauce in keeping your team engaged, creative, and producing extraordinary profitable results.


On stage, this dynamic duo gets right to the heart of what matters. Your audience will walk away motivated with simple, practical tools they can immediately apply to harness the energy of conflict and build trust while also driving profitable, collective, and creative results. Get ready to rethink your ideas of disagreement, conflict, and being polite!

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The Beauty of Conflict: Harness Your Team’s Advantage Through Tough Conversations

Politics. Confusion. Factions. Gossip. Turnover. 


Conflict gets a bad rap. In fact, most people see conflict as the worst part of their jobs. And it’s true – conflict can result in a loss in cohesiveness, productivity, and revenue. What many people don’t realize is that it isn’t the conflict that is the problem, it is the way most people deal with it that results in dysfunction. 


What if it could be different? What if it turns out that conflict is actually what your team needs to not only survive but to thrive? Through their proven three-step model and firsthand experience working with the world’s highest performing organizations, CrisMarie and Susan reveal how top leaders and organizations can transform conflict into their competitive advantage.


Key Takeaways:

  • An actionable framework you can implement immediately to transform tough conversations into collective creativity

  • Two strategies your team can use today to leverage the energy of conflict into innovative solutions

  • Three common behaviors to avoid when conflict arises

How to Have Tough Conversations at Work


No one likes dealing with a difficult co-worker, disagreeing with your boss on a crucial business decision, or conversing with an unhappy customer. Any of these situations can be stressful. 


Key Takeaways:

  • A practical tool that you can apply right away that instantly transform tough conversations into productive collaborations

  • Two simple tools to help you settle down and stay calm in the midst of conflict

  • Three behaviors to avoid that are likely undermining your success

Beauty AND Conflict: A Professional Woman’s Guide to Tough Conversations


Conflict is uncomfortable for everyone and can be particularly challenging for women. Culturally and historically, women have been taught to “be nice and polite” and cater to the needs of others. As a result, they remain silent and find themselves feeling frustrated, frazzled, and resentful. CrisMarie and Susan empower women to proactively engage with conflict and transform their careers and their lives.


Now’s the time. Other women are speaking up. Why not you?


Key Takeaways:

  • An actionable framework specifically tailored to the needs of professional women navigating tough conversations in the office and at home

  • A simple, practical tool that allows you to say anything to anyone

  • Three common behaviors to avoid when conflict arises

  • A surefire way to speak up, be heard, and survive!

  • A regained sense of empowerment and revitalization


Find the Olympian Inside to Make Your Dreams Come True

CrisMarie wasn’t supposed to be an athlete. She was a competitive flute player. She was too sort to be a rower on the crew team, yet she wanted to row. Now, two-time National Champion, World Champion Silver Medalist, Olympic athlete, and University of Washington Hall of Fame speaker, CrisMarie will share how she went from non-athlete to Olympic athlete in six years. Get ready to be inspired and walk away with practical tools to move your forward on your dream.


Key Takeaways:

  • Inspiration to follow your heart

  • The power to persist through obstacles

  • Practical ways to believe in yourself and hold the vision for success

  • The magic X-Factor of teamwork

  • Secrets to celebrate your success and reframe your losses

Susan and CrisMarie customize presentations based upon your audience’s specific needs. Check out their TEDx Talk: Conflict – Use It, Don’t Defuse It!

Whether you’re building teams, helping develop women leaders, or seeking a dynamic and genuine keynote speaking team for your group, organization or next major event, CrisMarie and Susan deliver impactful:


  • Keynote presentations

  • Breakout sessions

  • Off-site team events

  • Leadership retreats

  • Executive coaching


To book CrisMarie and Susan:


Call 406.730.2710




More About CrisMarie and Susan


This powerful duo has a proven step-by-step process for making teams great – a process they’ve honed working with hundreds of leaders and their teams for more than 25 years. They excel at turning teams around in two days or less!

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CrisMarie Campbell, BS in Mechanical Engineering, MBA


CrisMarie is a two-time National Champion, World Champion Silver Medalist, University of Washington Hall of Fame member, and Olympic rower. She learned firsthand what makes a championship team versus simply a team of champions. As a Boeing Flight Engineer she helped initiate a groundbreaking cross-functional team approach for how Boeing designs and builds airplanes. At Arthur Andersen, she coached executive business leaders around the country on the secrets to making big changes stick in their organizations. Today, she specializes in coaching and inspiring women to play big, speak up, and shine!

Susan Clarke, BS in Education, MA


At the age of 24, when doctors gave her just six months to live, Susan stepped up to the leadership role of her life, identifying a diverse group of brilliant health-care professionals and rallying them to act together as a team to provide her a path back to health. Building on her extraordinary success with her health, she honed her skills as a facilitator, educator and coach, leading transformational programs. Today, she brings executives to Montana to develop their leadership skills, working with horses. She regularly coaches corporate executives and teams around the globe.

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CrisMarie and Susan co-founded Thrive! in 2002 to help individuals, teams, and even couples learn how to use the energy of conflict to stop fighting and start collaborating on creative solutions.

What Clients Are Saying

“Whether speaking to a group of 150 or 1,000, CrisMarie and Susan are dynamic, inspiring, and credible. On stage, they captivated the crowd, bridging the cultural gap between two merging organizations. I found them personal and professional, fun, easy to work with, and sensitive to our needs. We also loved the subsequent off-sites they did with our leadership team.”

Val Asbury

World Wide President, Diabetes Solutions Companies, A Johnson & Johnson Company


“CrisMarie and Susan are engaging, real and relatable on stage. My entire organization found them professional, personal, dynamic and funny. We still talk about what we learned about dealing with conflict on teams that day, well over a year later! They also did impactful work with our leadership team.”

Andrew D. Walker

Senior Vice President, Nationwide


“CrisMarie and Susan are wonderful speakers and can relate to everyone in the audience. They are very much upbeat while speaking, never fail to make the audience laugh and “wow” the audience. As an event planner, they are so easy to work with and couldn’t ask for a better partner to help make our event great. They had a clear understanding of our theme for our event and made sure their closing keynote was tailored to our conference needs.”

Violet Green

Education Coordinator/ Women’s Coordinator, Montana Farmer’s Union


“The highlight for me was the standing-room-only crowd that squeezed in to hear Susan and CrisMarie speak about their unique take on emotional intelligence and the value of healthy conflict on teams. The audience listened attentively and stayed long afterward to ask Susan and CrisMarie more about their presentation. We were also impressed with our board results when they came back to facilitate a two-day team session.”

Cathy McNally

Chairperson, The Haven Foundation Board


“CrisMarie and Susan are energetic and magnetic on stage, their interplay serves to bring the very concepts they teach to life right in front of us. I saw a million ways I could immediately implement their practical, down-to-earth information and tools. They’re completely engaging, thought-provoking, clear, and, most of all, FUN.”

Bridgette Boudreau,

CEO, Martha Beck Inc.

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