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Feeling Cranky? Maybe You Need to Notice and Share Your Bright Spots

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. A day for being with friends, family, and acknowledging what you are thankful for in your community and life.

That’s my view on Thanksgiving. Sometimes it seems more like a shopping start date for Christmas, a day of parades and football. But what I want to write about is gratitude and the importance of taking time to be thankful!

I vote for much gratitude more than one day out of the year. Why not add it as a daily ritual?

Earlier this week, CrisMarie shared with me some of the valuable tips she had been reading in her latest favorite book, Pussy. (Yes, the title is designed to get your attention, and the book is all about the importance of pleasure).

Anyway, today’s tip was about how crankiness can be the result of not noticing, sharing and digesting the happiness and good things happening in your life. When you don’t share it, you remain “full,” and it can turn to negativity. You may even bat away other good things.

As I thought about that, and reflected on my recent very busy schedule along with a touch of my own morning crankiness - I got it!

There are so many good things working well in my life!

  • Our book, The Beauty of Conflict, was released on October 31st, and we’ve enjoyed some wonderful feedback from friends, colleagues, and people we didn’t even know.

  • We also had a fun and delightful book launch party here in Whitefish!

  • We just finished a Come Alive and Couples Alive II programs, which are always amazing, full experiences up at The Haven.

  • Not to mention, adding ZuZu, our new puppy to the family. With the biggest joy coming in witnessing Rosie, our older dog, and ZuZu developing their relationship!

I know there are many moments I haven’t even counted. Yes, like the radio interview I got to do with Maureen Anderson on Doing What Works (I’ll be sure to share when the show is available). She, and her producer husband Daryl, were awesome.

There were also little things like having good friends over for tea and conversation, and being a part of The Hero’s Way, a program offered through Lucinda Hayden, that keeps inviting us to celebrate the big and little moments of our lives.

Yes, so many moments, and it is so easy to just let life ‘fly by’ without ever sinking into what’s working well. I have done my best sharing through Facebook, which has been focused on the book release and probably way too many pictures of ZuZu and Rosie.

Sometimes it’s hard because I know there are so many headlines of horror, pain and suffering. Plus, I have friends and family that are facing health challenges. It can be so easy and tempting to hold back my joy and focus on serving, fixing, or just holding a space for someone else’s pain.

I don’t mind doing some of that. Actually, it’s a lot of what I do in my work with people, and it’s what others have offered me when my life was challenging.

In fact, that is how our Get Unstuck online program was born. It’s designed for anyone feeling stuck, broken, or stalled in their lives. The new, six-week version will be launching in January 24, 2018!

While helping others is great. It’s it is also important to simply stop and share your moments of joy and celebration. To stop focusing on others or the challenges/difficulties of life and sink into what is working well in your life.

What’s Working Well in Your Life?

So, yes, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there are many things to be thankful for. I encourage you to set aside some time to reflect on the things that are working well in your life. Be sure to include the things that you often overlook. The sound of the rain on the rooftop, the purr of your kitten on your lap, or the soft glow of the lamp as you read your favorite book.

Take it a step further, speak them out loud by sharing them with someone you care about and let the good stuff move out into the world, making space for more to come back!

What’s working well is another frame for gratitude, and I think when you take time to investigate your lives, even when it may seem lousy, there’s always some bright spots. Be sure to enjoy them.

If you are going to be cranky on Thanksgiving, make sure it’s not because you haven’t allowed the bright spots to shine your light forward!

We need light in the world, so share your bright spots this Thanksgiving!

In gratitude,


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