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Leadership  Coaching

Susan Clarke

  • Do you struggle balancing being yourself in the midst of a political corporate environment?

  • Do you feel like you have to walk on egg shells so you don’t offend someone in authority?

  • Do you wonder – “Is it really okay to disagree - or - will I get fired?

These are all challenges I hear from coaching clients at all levels of organizations.
Often, finding your way in a corporate setting means giving up a part of yourself and you may not even realize the cost or the price you are paying for that next level.
I believe it’s possible to stay real and thrive within companies, but I don’t pretend to say it’s easy! 
It takes tremendous courage to be personal and real, while believing in a cause, following a shared vision, and handling company politics.

Lighthouse Leadership Coaching

I (Susan) started Lighthouse Leadership coaching because you as a leader within an organization need someone who will simply give you straight, honest, clear feedback.

Someone who isn’t invested in your rise or fall or how much revenue you generate or right answers you have but who has faith in your ability to take feedback and make more of it for your next step or big move.

You can be your authentic self.
You can speak up and be heard.
You may crack an eggshell and you can learn how to recover.
You can influence and shine.


Let me help you.

What you can expect:

  • To assess and strengthen critical interpersonal, relationship management, communication and managerial competencies required for effective performance

  • To identify strengths and potential developmental areas and increase leadership influence and presence

  • To map out your development plan, identify and clarify your short and long term goals


My Approach – 6 Month or Annual Package Plan


  • A Relational Interview to set up the coaching process may include a 360 or interview process

  • Access via email for support and sounding board situations

  • Coaching will be virtual through Zoom or to be set-up on Teams

  • Coaching packages are Pay for Access, paid up front and non-refundable

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"Susan Clarke has been my personal coach. I so appreciate having a solid sounding board, someone who gives me perspective and feedback when I may be caught in my own agenda or stress. I've felt supported and acknowledged for my efforts to be more authentic and vulnerable in a business culture that is known for it’s results-driven success. Susan Clarke is a great lighthouse in the storm. Thank you Susan”
- Gavriella Schuster, CVP, Microsoft



My Story

The quest to find a solution to a terminal cancer diagnosis at the age of 24 is how Susan’s entrepreneurial path took root to grow.  At the point of no possible positive outcomes, Susan stepped off the beaten path and took on the task of finding health through having difficult conversations, facing buried secrets and scars from the past, and finally choosing connection over validation.

She did not see that journey coming, nor would she ever recommend it; however, she did discover that anything is possible. Attitude trumps reality, and wealth lies in the quality of your relationship to yourself, others and the living natural world around you.

The key to thriving through crisis, conflict and change isn’t in overcoming the problem. No, it’s living right smack in the mess of it, and discovering the resources that lie within you. The gem lies in uncovering the knowing that you are not alone, and that you were not, nor ever are, broken.

Since her cancer journey, Susan has focused her life on living fully in each moment and creating fulfilling relationships.  With her partner, CrisMarie Campbell, she started thrive!.  Her passion comes in working with people to help them value differences, bring more of themselves to everything they do, and engage in the power of people working collectively together.

“Susan is my go to coach and mentor. Her experience, heart and insight has been invaluable. I have used her coaching services for over 10 years in business, as as a leader and as a relationship coach. I never hesitate to refer  her to clients and associates. Her mentorship has helped me on my leadership journey and to develop solid personal and business relationships that I can bring my full self to. She has helped me to see the beauty in conflict and to communicate my way through it. If you are looking for a coach that can truly help you create the life you want she is an excellent choice.” - Jo-Ann Kevala, Global Marketing Officer


What People Are Saying


"Susan Clarke cuts to the chase. She sees the truth and helps you find it with kindness, grace and humor. I love Susan’s style and authenticity. The combination of business acumen and coaching is truly powerful. I highly recommend working with Susan." - Pam Ballo

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"I have known Susan Clarke in her capacity as group leader and coach for almost 20 years.  In that time I have been a participant, intern and assistant in programs at the Haven and have taken part in programs via Thrive Inc., which include Getting Unstuck online and Finding your Mojo multiple times in Whitefish, MT.

During all of these interactions I have found Susan to be caring in her approach in working with me as well as others in the programs.  Her ability to dig in and assist me in determining where I am stuck along with her direct and honest feedback have proven to be a building block for me in my continued growth." Andrew Bing

"I have only positive things to say about Susan as a coach. The month that we spent together was life changing for me. She helped me to step into leading and see the importance both for me and others in doing so." - Colleen Cuggy


"I have worked with Susan and been blown away by her ability to ‘see it all,’ but more than anything what I want to share is that my husband has worked with her extensively in the past and references Susan consistently in our life still... sometimes it’s an HR issue in our business that we can’t resolve in the manner we would like and he’ll say ‘Susan could turn them around,’ or a frustration with one of our teenagers ‘Susan would just need an hour,’ or a sticking point between us ‘we need Susan!’ Because of this, (and because we can’t have her move in with us) she has become a reference beacon in our relationship for us to look at thing differently, or harder or more gently... so we can SEE. If you have the opportunity to work with her, you will be forever glad that you did!"  - Daisy Orser

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