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Leadership Development

High Performing Leaders

Leaders set the tone for the entire organization. Often leaders have the smarts but lack the interpersonal skills to lead, coach, influence, and inspire others.

thrive! will develop a customized, deep-dive, experiential learning series for the leaders and managers. In addition, in using methodology from The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing your Team’s Competitive Advantage, thrive! integrates other leading business and leadership models and tools.

These are fast-paced, experiential (rather than theoretical), real-time experiences to provide leaders the live-action skills they need to:

  • increase their self-awareness

  • improve their EQ

  • effectively give and receive feedback

  • have tough conversations successfully


  • build and lead a cohesive team

  • address performance issues real time

  • promote diversity, equity and inclusion


“Best leadership development program, ever! CrisMarie and Susan created and delivered our leadership development program at Clearwire over a decade ago. I’ve been to several other leadership development programs since and nothing’s compared. I had to bring them in to Twitch when we wanted to develop the EQ of our leaders here. This book is a must read if you’re a leader who wants to increase your influence.” ​ Margi Lee-Johnson, Twitch, Director, Global People Operations

Leadership Development Training

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For subject matter experts to become effective leaders, they need to know how to lead and influence people.


thrive! will tailor, design and implement a leadership program to help your leaders develop the necessary point of view, skills and abilities to lead and influence. Specifically, the training will support them to:


  • Effectively lead their teams to collective brilliance, not just once, but repeatedly

  • Solicit, hear and incorporate feedback on their strengths, weaknesses, blind-spots, and their impact on others

  • Provide their direct reports with actionable, effective and ongoing feedback

  • Collaboratively work on a team to move the entire business forward in an aligned, cohesive way

What Clients Are Saying


“By working with expert facilitators from thrive!, my team was able to engage in a lot of tough but necessary dialogue. We've changed our team values and behaviors, changed some team members, and achieved a much higher level of organizational health. While we have not completed our journey, we are producing better results and having more fun!”


- Mike Keller, Executive Vice President, CIO Nationwide


“thrive! is part of our trusted team of advisors  and have been for several years. We have brought them in at all levels of our organization: our Board, our Management Team, and the staff. What works so well is that CrisMarie and Susan always address the real business issues while helping us develop better relationships. When thrive! came and worked with our entire organization, some of the staff were uncertain, but they walked away engaged, energized, with a new level of trust, and new solutions to business issues. They still talk about the positive impact thrive! had with us.” ​


- Rachel Davey, Executive Director, The Haven Institute


“I can’t say enough about working with CrisMarie and Susan from thrive! The Impinj executive team works much better as a result of their assistance and we continue to use them for crucial conversations regarding our most pressing business issues. In addition, I have personally grown, and I am using the techniques and relationship skills to enhance my performance as a CFO.” ​


- Evan Fein, CFO, Impinj


“Best investment we made this year. thrive! facilitated our strategic leadership team offsite. Coming in there were clearly issues that had not been put on the table. During the two days CrisMarie and Susan helped us rebuild trust enough to have some tough, powerful, and real conversations. We cleared up differences, strengthened our team, and got clarity on our strategic direction. They gave us tools to keep putting it into action on a daily and weekly basis. There isn't a week that goes by that we don't use what we learned. We are planning our next steps with thrive! now.” ​


- Courtney McKee, CEO, Headframe Spirits


“What is unique about CrisMarie and Susan is their blend of business savvy and team dynamics. I found CrisMarie and Susan to be straight-shooters, easy to work with and professional. In terms of time and money well spent, I would highly recommend CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke. I really enjoyed working with them and have asked them to join our schedule of contractors. I will gladly call them up the next time I have a people, leadership, or team issue.” ​


- Gary Casteel, Vice President, GSA Services


“I commend you for your professionalism and for your attention during the entire event. I know this was a trying experience for my peers, but I have already received several notes of appreciation for providing this growth opportunity. I am very grateful to you both for coming through with the experience that I was hoping for. I agree that we still have much work to do, and I know that our success will depend on how well we follow through. I believe that future work with you will be beneficial. I would be remiss if I did not tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you both and how full my heart was after the sessions. I trust that you understand—you are both the real deal.” ​


- Joseph Brimhall, President University of Western States


"The entire tenor and tone of the team has dramatically shifted. Their level of cooperation has increased significantly. They are now super quick to support each other and take ownership for work. The tension between people has been alleviated … We are focused and moving forward on our goals together and that is a big change.” ​


- Peter Cullen, General Manager Trustworthy Computing & Chief Privacy Strategist, Microsoft


“We got a #1 Rating, which is a big deal. Thanks, wouldn't have got there without you. You two are the best. The preparations were straightforward and the teambuilding took the team to the next level – and we got results! You helped us understand what attributes a strong management team needs and then gave us the tools to get there. As a result we were able to deal with issues much more efficiently. We were able to get the organization aligned and accomplish our goals.You two are real, professional and help us deal with the tough stuff.”


-​ George Gellrich, GM Constellation Energy - Calvertt Cliffs Site


“CrisMarie and Susan did powerful work with my team. They skillfully addressed our team dynamics, and provided us practical tools to help us confront each other in a real yet respectful way so that we can effectively address issues and move forward together. Plus, they provided helpful tips that my team can employ for reducing stress. I highly recommend them to any team taking on a big vision or goal.” ​


- Joe Krueger, US Forest Service Plan Revision Team Leader, Flathead National Forest


“Your work with our team is helping transform the way we work together. We are a much different management team today than we were 6 months ago. Our ability to collaborate to get to great decisions quickly and have buy-in to execute results is markedly improved. Your group really understands our team and has made our teambuilding both productive and rewarding.” ​

- Terry Michaelson, President CraftBrew Alliance


“I am so pleased with the work that thrive! did for our executive leadership retreat. They executed with high skill.


Specifically CrisMarie and Susan had: ​

• Terrific grasp of our business goals

• Ease in steering us towards productive conversations

• Excellent time management and tangent wrangling

• Valuable insights on good business practices

• Skill in keeping all parties involved without forcing them to participate

• Great senses of humor and were adept at kept things light-hearted.

The entire management team expressed not only their thanks, but were impressed and pleased with the facilitation.” ​

- Greg Lambert. CEO, TERRA Staffing Group

We work with you to customize the training

and follow up to your needs.

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