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Building Smart and Healthy Leaders

Leadership Development



Too often leaders rise in the organization due to their smarts, yet haven’t developed the emotional intelligence to effectively develop people, lead a team or drive the company culture throughout the organization.


Do you want to improve the ability of your leaders to deal with people issues more effectively, build teams and get results?


That’s where we come in!


We partner with you and your organization to develop your leaders to lead with both backbone and heart. When we conduct our Kickstart Your Team with the executive team, leadership development for the organization is a natural next step.


For leadership development, just like when we work with teams, we focus on three main areas:

The ME


Each team member becomes more aware of their personal style and how that impacts the team and the team's performance, driving improvement.

The WE


The team learns the skills and tools necessary to have direct, honest conversations to redirect the energy of disagreement into a driver for innovative and extraordinary results.



We take you through key business questions so the team gets clear on the big picture, all the way down to goal, who does what, and how to make your meetings effective.

Our leadership development sessions are always fast-paced, highly interactive and experiential in nature, tailored to your organization to make the most impact in your company culture.

Below are the focus areas and what we help the leaders develop.


Our style is highly-interactive, fast-pasted, experiential and relationship based.  We don’t use a canned approach. We prefer to partner with your organization to customize the program to your specific needs and culture.


Just like one golf lesson is not enough to learn the game of golf, leadership development must be reinforced.


For implementation we can deliver the training as an intensive or spread it out over time. In either case we provide action plans for leaders to set goals and get into action. Then we conduct monthly coaching sessions to provide accountability, feedback and course correction during the timeframe of the training.


Want to improve your company culture, the ability of your leaders to deal with people issues more effectively, build teams and get results?


We’d be happy to set up a time to talk and see how we can help.

The ME

Develop a Leaders Emotional Intelligence


We provide concepts, tools and experiences for leaders to:

  • Uncover blind-spots

  • Develop and leverage their strengths

  • Increase their congruence, their ability to be real with people


Create Strategic Alignment and Drive Tactical Action


We provide concepts, tools and experiences for leaders to

  • Develop a big picture simple strategy

  • Translate the strategy into tactical action

  • Run effective meetings and drive clear organizational communication

The WE

Build Relational Health


We provide concepts, tools and experience for leaders to:

  • Have difficult conversations effectively

  • Give honest, direct and real-time feedback

  • Turnaround a dysfunctional team to a high performing one

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