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By: CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

The Leader’s Edge: Improving Employee Performance

Learn the art and science of improving employee performance. 

This three part series will support you in making more of all of your Moments

Whole Person Leadership

The Key to Increasing Leadership Fulfillment and Influence

How to Have Tough Conversations at Work

Get our easy-to-follow cheat sheet to help you have tough conversations with ease. Enjoy your new found confidence and success!

How to Set Boundaries that Stick

Learn how to end your frustration, resentment and overwhelm. Apply these simple tools to create boundaries that work!

Stop doing too much and feeling resentful! This cheat-sheet gives you the three simple steps for creating boundaries that stick!


How to Have a Tough Conversation with Your Honey

Discover how to create the connection you crave with your honey – even when you disagree

– without giving yourself away!

Get Unstuck!

Learn how to end your procrastination and get going on that important project, goal or dream of yours!

Enjoy the confidence and joy that comes from doing what matters most to you!

Grounding Meditation

We rarely take the time to really connect to and ground in our bodies. This 10 minute meditation is to help you pause, connect with, and ground in your body. In doing so you have the opportunity to access your innate, intuitive wisdom.

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