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CrisMarie Campbell

Executive Coaching

CrisMarie Campbell has been coaching leaders and consulting with teams and organizations for over 20 years. What she learned about leadership, teamwork and dealing with conflict came when she was training for the Olympics as a rower.


What CrisMarie loves best is helping people be the best they can be to get the results they want. She believes in leading authentically and congruently produces the most effective outcomes. She applies what she helps others do to her own business and life.


CrisMarie’s coaching focuses on three main areas:

1.  Coaching executives and leaders to be more effective by developing both backbone and heart. She coaches to align the leader, the team and the organization to the leader’s vision, making the most significant impact. This includes coaching the leader to:​​

  • proactively deal with the stress that comes with the territory of a high-powered position;

  • leverage their strengths and recover from failures transforming them into powerful assets;

  • develop a plan of action for themselves, their team and organization, to make progress and see real, tangible results.

  • manage their direct reports to high performance using an effective feedback model

  • increase their self-awareness, self-responsibility, and influence – modeling what they want their people to do; having effective crucial conversations;

2.  Consulting using a model of Path to Great Results through Teams – off-sites with leaders and their direct reports to develop trust, clear up differences through healthy conversations, and develop an effective strategic and tactical plan for moving forward as a team versus a series of silo’d organizations


3.  Developing and delivering Smart and Healthy Leadership Development programs that help leaders have the most impact on the effectiveness of the organization by being congruent and authentic.


 Relevant Business Background and Experience


Before starting thrive! inc. in 2002, CrisMarie worked for Point B, and for Arthur Anderson, where, as a manager, she led their Change Management Practice, coaching leaders through large scale change. She began her career at Boeing, including a stint as a 777 Flight Test Engineer. In the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea, she competed as a USA rower. She won a silver medal in rowing at the 1987 World Championships.

All of Thrive!’s Executive Coaching Coaching packages, annual or six months, are paid upfront and non-refundable. 

“I was in a pivotal place in my role at the company. CrisMarie helped me create a solid strategy, build a team around me, and continue owning my leadership strengths.  Her guidance supported me in balancing both my vulnerability and strong business competence to take on the role as a global leader in our company. Our team catapulted to success.”

Jo-Ann Kevala, Global Marketing Officer, Unit 4



“I hired CrisMarie when I stepped into the CEO role of a multi-million dollar business. CrisMarie helped me turn around my dysfunctional team into a high performing one! She gave me tools to get clear on our strategy, lead my team cohesively and give productive feedback. I’m successfully leading an entire organization to increasing revenues each year.”

Terri Wolfe, CEO, Wolfe Mining


"At a time in professional life where I had more questions than answers, CrisMarie was able to: identify dilemma's, provide a sound structured approach to self discovery, and provide next steps giving me insight on furthering my personal and professional development. I continue to use the structure and methodology today in my personal and professional worlds as the two are closely intertwined for me. Thank you CrisMarie for your sound guidance!"

Braden Smith, ERP Implementation Team Leader, Company-Metrie Canada inc

Partial List of Clients

Bonneville Power Administration

Calypso Healthcare

Children’s Hospital





Wolfe Mining

US Forest Service

Unit 4

UW Medical Center





MBA | Foster School of Business University of Washington


BS, Mechanical Engineering | University of Washington



Assessment & Certifications


Master Certified Coach

Crucial Conversations

5 Dysfunctions of a Team

The Advantage

Bridges’ Change and Transition




Being on Stage


Walking in the Woods

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