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CrisMarie Campbell


CrisMarie wasn’t supposed to make the Olympic team as a rower. She was too short and wasn’t even an athlete in high school. Yet, in six years, she did the impossible and became an Olympian. 

She was a flight test engineer for Boeing’s 777. She got her MBA and wound up working 60 hours a week at top-five management consulting firm. It wasn’t until CrisMarie was brought to her knees by chronic fatigue, digestive issues, and a long-term back injury, that she realized she was living her life to please others. She felt like a fraud. 

Today, she is a life coach, speaker, author, actor, and hip-hop dancer. She loves her work, her relationship, and her life. She shares her courageous journey from non-athlete to Olympian, from fraud to unapologetically, CrisMarie. 

CrisMarie is a dynamic, inspiring, and a heartfelt speaker who shares her stories in a real, raw, and relatable way. She’ll do her homework to make sure any talk meets the needs of your particular audience. 

Some places CrisMarie’s spoken: the San Francisco Giants, Johnson & Johnson, Nationwide, Microsoft, Husky Hall of Fame, and the University of Washington.

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“Please know you had a positive impact! Everyone appreciated event. You're dynamic, engaging, and really read the room well. I am extremely grateful for the contributions not only you have made to the Giants, but to me personally.  I’d love to have you back again.”


Leilani Gayles, SVP & Chief People Officer


Unapologetically You!

In this tailored talk, CrisMarie will share her journey from people pleaser to becoming unapologetic. She’ll share concrete steps of how she closed the gap, bringing more of who she is to everything she does.


CrisMarie’s desire is to help each woman conquer self-doubt, self-criticism, people pleasing, and the pressure to be perfect, to become more bold, courageous, confident and alive.


CrisMarie knows how to connect to any audience of women who want to – play big, love deeply, stay healthy, and be wealthy!


Key Takeaways

  • Inspiration: walk away knowing that being yourself is the only path to health and joy

  • Key steps: let go of the pressure to be perfect

  • Practical tools: shift from people pleasing to expressing your true self

The Olympic Rings for Success

CrisMarie shares her journey from musician to Olympic athlete in a way that is funny, poignant, and relatable to every person. She tailors the talk to match the needs of the audience.


Her journey wasn’t a straight line. CrisMarie knows what it is to lose it all in the quest for glory and how to come back from the depths of despair. CrisMarie will inspire those that are successful and want more, as well as those who are struggling – as we all do at times.


If you want your audience to be inspired, engaged, and take action, CrisMarie will deliver.

Key Takeaways

  • The Olympic Rings: five steps for success in any goal

  • Inspiration: walk away knowing you can move forward toward your dreams

  • How to come back when you’ve lost it all



“CrisMarie on stage is funny, dynamic, and powerful. She did a phenomenal job of connecting to and captivating the attention of everyone in the room. She’s both inspiring and relatable. She is a must-have speaker at your next event!”

— Lucinda Hayden, internationally-recognized Focusing Trainer


“At the University of Washington Hall of Fame banquet, CrisMarie spoke to a crowd of 500 to accept the Hall of Fame award for our two National Championship crew teams. As someone who rowed with CrisMarie, I was touched by how she represented us from our time as rowers together to women leaders in our communities today. She’s inspiring, engaging, and heartfelt. She'll have you laughing and crying as she takes you on a journey that is both her own and that of every person." 

—Lynne Kalina, Attorney


“I want to thank you so much for your inspiring message! You captivated our audience with your dramatic story with your humorous anecdotes and positive nature. The young athletes in the audience were touched by your authenticity. I know they can relate to your story both with suffering and joy! Thank you so much for your profound perspective.”

--Jane Powers, event planner co-chair

What Audiences Are Saying

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