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CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

Engaging, Real, Funny, and Dynamic!

Want to know the secret to creating successful relationships – both at work and at home? Then, you’ll enjoy hearing CrisMarie and Susan, because it’s their superpower.


In the corporate arena for the last 20 years, CrisMarie and Susan have coached hundreds of leaders and teams to develop trust, use differences to get to innovative ideas, and become high performing teams. Here’s their book about it: The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team’s Competitive Advantage.


In the personal arena for the last 10 years, they’ve coached hundreds of couples to ignite their passion, intimacy, and emotional connection. They have a book about this too: The Beauty of Conflict for Couples.


What if your partner is not interested? No problem. They teach successful, high achieving women, to transform their relationships while becoming happy and fulfilled.


They’ve spoken at Fortune 100 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and Nationwide, as well as, the Athena Conference, Martha Beck Summit, and the San Francisco Giants. Check out their TEDx Talk: Conflict – Use It, Don’t Defuse It!


How to Stay Me in the Face of We?

Tired of walking on eggshells?  Afraid to rock the boat? 

It’s so easy to lose yourself in a relationship. It starts slowly, giving in to keep the peace until you wonder, “what about me?” Then you wonder, “Should I stay or should I go?”

CrisMarie and Susan entertain your audience as they share the key to getting you back, while creating a fulfilling relationship. They’ll inspire with tips to be true to yourself while increasing the passion, aliveness, and emotional connection in your relationship.  

Key Takeaways

  • Tips and inspiration for reconnecting to the boldness of being you

  • The magic of setting boundaries that stick

  • A path for increasing the radiance, joy, and passion in your relationship

Speaker Sheet

How to Stay Me in the Face of We?

Key Takeaways

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“Please know you had a positive impact! Everyone appreciated event. You're dynamic, engaging, and really read the room well. I am extremely grateful for the contributions not only you have made to the Giants, but to me personally.  I’d love to have you back again.”


Leilani Gayles, SVP & Chief People Officer

Beauty AND Conflict – A Woman’s Guide to Successful Tough Conversations

Conflict is uncomfortable for everyone and can be particularly challenging for women. Culturally and historically, women have been taught to “be nice and polite” and cater to the needs of others. As a result, they remain silent and find themselves feeling frustrated, frazzled, and resentful. CrisMarie and Susan empower women to proactively engage with conflict and transform their careers, relationships, and their lives. Now’s the time. Other women are speaking up. Why not you?

Key Takeaways

  • Tips for settling yourself in the midst of conflict

  • The three mistakes, you’re probably making, that are undermining your success

  • Simple, practical tools to navigate tough conversations successfully

  • A regained sense of empowerment and revitalization


Professional women


“Whether speaking to a group of 150 or 1,000, CrisMarie and Susan are dynamic, inspiring, and credible. On stage, they captivated the crowd, bridging the cultural gap between two merging organizations. I found them personal and professional, fun, easy to work with, and sensitive to our needs. We also loved the subsequent off-sites they did with our leadership team.”
Val Asbury
World Wide President, Diabetes Solutions Companies, A Johnson & Johnson Company

“CrisMarie and Susan are engaging, real and relatable on stage. My entire organization found them professional, personal, dynamic and funny. We still talk about what we learned about dealing with conflict on teams that day, well over a year later! They also did impactful work with our leadership team.”
Andrew D. Walker
Senior Vice President, Nationwide

“CrisMarie and Susan are wonderful speakers and can relate to everyone in the audience. They are very much upbeat while speaking, never fail to make the audience laugh and “wow” the audience. As an event planner, they are so easy to work with and couldn’t ask for a better partner to help make our event great. They had a clear understanding of our theme for our event and made sure their closing keynote was tailored to our conference needs.”
Violet Green
Education Coordinator/ Women’s Coordinator, Montana Farmers Union

“The highlight for me was the standing-room-only crowd that squeezed in to hear Susan and CrisMarie speak about their unique take on emotional intelligence and the value of healthy conflict on teams. The audience listened attentively and stayed long afterward to ask Susan and CrisMarie more about their presentation. We were also impressed with our board results when they came back to facilitate a two-day team session.”
Cathy McNally
Chairperson, The Haven Foundation Board

“CrisMarie and Susan are energetic and magnetic on stage, their interplay serves to bring the very concepts they teach to life right in front of us. I saw a million ways I could immediately implement their practical, down-to-earth information and tools. They’re completely engaging, thought-provoking, clear, and, most of all, FUN.”
Bridgette Boudreau,
CEO, Martha Beck Inc.


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