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We’re not your typical coaches and consultants. We offer a range of services.

For corporations we offer team consulting, executive coaching, leadership development and keynote speaking.


For individuals we offer classes, coaching, and retreats.


Here’s all our services.


Unstuck Class

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Cathy McNally

It was powerful to be coached on the calls to track my mind and notice the clues in my body during tough conversations. At the end of each class I was able to implement what CrisMarie and Susan were teaching us right away. This course was particularly helpful for me in teasing out the subtle ways that I slip into 'being reasonable' or procrastinating/letting go of what's important to me in my most important relationships, both at home and at work, which is SO deadening. It was a delightful and excellent program. I highly recommend it!

Jennifer Tucker Visitacion

I was struggling with my boundaries between my non-profit work and starting my own business. CrisMarie and Susan helped me to utilize conflict as a catalyst for gaining clarity in establishing healthy boundaries and honing in on more effective communication strategies both personally and professionally. I highly recommend thrive!'s approach to building strength and resilience in relationships.

Greg Lambert

I am so pleased with the work that thrive! did for our executive leadership retreat. They executed with high skill.


Specifically CrisMarie and Susan had:

• Terrific grasp of our business goals

• Ease in steering us towards productive conversations

• Excellent time management and tangent wrangling

• Valuable insights on good business practices

• Skill in keeping all parties involved without forcing them to participate

• Great senses of humor and were adept at kept things light-hearted.

The entire management team expressed not only their thanks, but were impressed and pleased with the facilitation.


If you’re an individual feel free to sign up for a coaching package, class or retreat. 

If you’re from an organization email to introduce yourself. We look forward to hearing from you.


Not sure which service is right for you? Want to hop on the phone to discuss your goals? 
Want a list of references so that you can talk to some of our previous clients? 
Email us to introduce yourself. We look forward to hearing from you!

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