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Using the Big Picture to Identify the Roots - Interview with Andrea Nakayama

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Everything is connected, we are all unique, and all things matter.

In this episode of the Beauty of Conflict, Susan and CrisMarie interview Andrea Nakayama, functional nutritionist, host of the 15-Minute Matrix podcast, and founder and CEO of the Functional Nutrition Alliance. Andrea talks about how she helps people understand what’s happening within their bodies when doing a diet and a lifestyle modification approach. She explains how functional medicine looks at the human body as a whole system and looks for the root causes of its issues, taking into account how the patient inhabits that body, how they live, and what they eat. Andrea also breaks down precision medicine, omics, and epigenetics, the realms of science that align with her mantra as they study connection, individuality, and influence as factors that affect gene expression. She also gives her take on how chronic illnesses are currently addressed in the United States, focusing on autoimmune conditions.

Tune in to learn more about Andrea Nakayama’s functional nutrition work!

About Andrea Nakayama

Andrea Nakayama is the founder of the Functional Nutrition Alliance (FxNA). She has spent over 15 years practicing and leading as a functional medicine nutritionist, speaker, and educator, creating the content and signature systems for the 10-month, online, Full Body Systems training focused on the science and art of the Functional Nutrition practice. This includes all adjunct Functional Nutrition curricula for FxNA, including courses, curriculum, blogs, webinars, and training.

Her mission has been to change the way we do healthcare by empowering the patient with connection, education, and a deeper understanding of their full body systems. She built a Telehealth clinic where they work with patients directly through the Function Nutrition Alliance's clinical services and have primarily focused on educating practitioners through the institute she founded, Functional Nutrition Lab, which includes the Full Body Systems training.

In less than a decade, she led FxNA to significant growth, with a team of 20+ employees, and then through 10x growth once FxNA was acquired by Empowered Education in 2018, now training more than 3,500 coaches and clinicians each year.

Given her passion for those suffering from chronic illness and autoimmunity, in 2013, she also co-founded The Hashimoto’s Institute. Since then, she has presented at the Nutrition Therapy Association (NTA), the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP), and the Functional Forum, to name a few. She was the recipient of the NANP Impact Award and the NANP Service Award for her dedication and influence in the field of nutrition. Her work was regularly featured in a variety of health, nutrition, and wellness blogs, online summits, radio shows, and publications nationwide, including Martha Stewart’s Whole Living magazine, Oprah’s O Magazine, as well as other publications. Topics include thyroid, autoimmune, and digestive health issues, but more importantly, patient-centered care, empathy, epigenetics, and systems biology in healthcare. She also serves as the in-house Nutrition Expert for a variety of organizations bringing the importance of a functional, full-body systems approach to healthcare to light.

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Key Take-Aways

  • What is functional medicine and how to see the human being as a whole.

  • How making changes in how we live and how we eat can impact our health.

  • What are omics, precision medicine, and epigenetics.

  • How the Three Roots and the Circle of Influence mental models can help with physical issues.

  • What are some challenges the autoimmune community faces in the United States.


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