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Interview With Christian Pyrros

This week’s guest is an electrical engineer turned mentor and career coach!

Christian Pyrros came over to the Beauty of Conflict Podcast to share his journey helping people keep moving forward with their lives. By studying and watching his colleagues’ paths, he understood much more about who he is and his personality. When looking at how miserable and unhappy some people were on the “perfect way” to job success, Christian started studying psychology and personal development. He also reflects on his controversial view on introverts and extroverts. Sometimes, some struggles are worth going through to unlock the potential career you might have.

Tune in to this episode and listen to Christian’s great advice!

About our Guest - Christian Pyrros

Christian Pyrros is a Senior Mentor, Career Coach, and co-founder at Originally working in the Fortune 500, Christian noticed many people getting stuck on their career path, despite the top-tier effort and education.

While mentoring other colleagues, Christian then developed a way for anyone to integrate their unique potential. The foundation is a practical approach to unlocking your personality. It then continues with individual guidance, to make work-life fulfillment reliable & successful.

Today Christian's program is a proven platform for a remarkable career and joyful life. Christian gives transformative workshops and talks, while also training and mentoring clients around the world.

If you’d like us to speak at your organization about conflict, stress, team-building, or leadership, work with your team virtually, or coach you or leaders on your team, reach out to us!

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Key Take-Aways

  • How sometimes the “most successful” are the most unhappy people.

  • Why growing up is also rediscovering if how we were raised is compatible with who we want to be.

  • How personality tests indicate where we are now and how to use them as tools and not something set in stone.

  • What are two ways of learning: individually and in community.

  • How worlds like “conflict” can trigger people and make them shut down.

  • What other words can substitute “conflict”.


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