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How Do You Rationalize Not Getting Started?

Distraction the first stage of stuckness

Have you ever been excited, confident, and ready to move forward with a goal like:

  • writing that book?

  • getting in shape?

  • starting your coaching business?

  • getting your website set-up?

You block off the hours in your planner to ensure you have time. You’re ready and raring to go.

Until, you…

  • get a call a friend that needs your help and you drop your plans and go

  • realize it snowed 8 inches last night and it’s a powder day! You have to go ski!

  • decide it’s probably best if you start organizing your desk and start with a clean slate

I’ve done all these examples as I’m about to start on something close to my heart. Something that will require a long-term commitment to ME.

I could share endless examples of this distraction phase. Distraction is the first of three stages of stuckness.

First Stage: Distraction

Distraction keeps you from even getting started.

My favorite form of distraction is usually something physical like exercise. I always have a good reason: I’ll take a run because it will help me think. I’ll ski with friends to give me a chance to chat with the gals over new ideas. I can rationalize getting stuck so easily!

It is amazing. The things that really matter to me are the hardest to start. I can come up with so many excuses or ways to do something else.

It’s simply a way to sabotage taking action when that action seems overwhelming or scary.

What’s your distraction?

Good news! You’re not crazy. Your tendency toward distraction— or stuckness—is a normal human reaction. However, you don’t need to let distraction derail you.

Heck, just this morning I took a run before writing this, and I still wrote this. I have gotten so much better at working with the part of me that is scared and overwhelmed. I let her freak out and then together we carry on.

Here’s the deal. Deep behavioral patterns don’t just go away. Yet, you don’t need to let them control you. Recognizing the pattern is a big step.

I have become a master at bumping into my stuckness and then grabbing her arm and carrying on. Together we’ve:

  • done a TEDx Talk

  • published a book

  • learned to ski – at 50!

Want to know the other two stages of stuckness? I’ll reveal them, as well as the tools to get out of each of the three stages in Get Unstuck.

What about you?

  • What area of your life or work are you stuck in?

  • Where do you keep distracting yourself before you start? (even if does sound like a good rational reason!)

Want some help actually moving forward on what matters to you most? Join us for Get Unstuck. starting Tuesday, January 30th.

Wait, I think it’s time to ski


CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke are Master certified life coaches, business consultants, speakers and authors of The Beauty of Conflict. They believe real relationships are the key to creating great business results. They’ll take your team from mediocre to great.

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