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Take a Chance!

Have you ever longed to do something crazy? Wild? Irresponsible?

We’re a hardworking society with a puritan work ethic, but sometimes taking a chance and doing the zany, crazy or wild things is the best path to creating joy, stability and financial abundance for yourself.

It’s no secret that our business, thrive!, has struggled to reach new clients and grow these last few years. Our corporate clients for whom we do team work, leadership development and executive coaching, had dwindled with us living in Montana.

While we lead personal development programs at the Haven Institute, such as Come Alive, Couples Alive and Living Alive, we decided we wanted to expand by offering in-person programs here in Montana and online programs, as well as, personal one-on-one coaching.

Well, I tell ya that’s like starting an entirely different business. It’s a whole different nut to crack, and it’s been a big challenge.

We started last year by building a professional women’s list – that’s you folks.

Our objective is to help you bring more of you to everything you do so you increase your presence, magnetism and joy in your work, life and relationships.

The list you’re on is still tiny, as lists go, so consider yourself special. Because you are! Susan and I care very deeply about giving you content that resonates with you and will support you coming alive in your world, your work and your relationships.

Back to our business and financial struggle.

Last summer while living and surviving on debt, I was intrigued by a personal development program that included a weekend trip to NYC. I had no business signing up for a program that cost over $5,000. I kept being rational and tried to talk myself out of it. Susan, who isn’t as worried (okay, obsessed) about money as I am, knew I really wanted to go. So with her encouragement I signed up. I know crazy, right?

Well, so much goodness has come from that experience in NYC that I have more than made up for my investment.

The Joy!

In NYC, I had the amazing opportunity to dance in Beyonce’s rehearsal space with a Broadway dancer who taught us how to dance with attitude and in heels. (BTW, I hadn’t brought heels to New York and so had to spend more money to buy them.) It was a blast!

The NYC experience was magical and mind-blowing for me. If I missed my calling earlier in life, it was dancing and acting. I can guarantee that I was not listening to my heart when I headed for engineering school in college.

After NYC, I came home and I signed up for a weekly hip-hop dance class just five minutes from my house. My friend Traci had been bugging me to attend for more than two years. It wasn’t until my experience in NYC that I enough gumption to go for it. I loved learning and dancing every Thursday. It made me feel so alive!

And the icing on the cake was that my dance studio, Dance Elements, put on a phenomenal dance production called Light It Up! It included dances by tons of talented kids and a couple of adult performances. My troupe performed a two-minute dance that was, again, a blast. I absolutely loved it!

The amount of happy heart-beats I reaped as a result of taking a chance on NYC is endless:

It changed my attitude.

It changed by body.

It changed my life.

It changed my business.


The Money

While in NYC I met amazing women and a couple of them are still very special to me. One even hired us to work with her leadership team, which more than made up for the price of admission to the NYC program.

Our business has also started to flourish and grow. I believe that the amount of joy I feel when I’m doing what lights me up is so powerful, it can’t help but make our business more attractive.

While we have been learning, pushing and trying to figure out how to grow on the personal side of our business, the corporate side has blossomed.

Recently, we had the head of Leadership Development at a well-known company in San Francisco call us because they wanted us to create an experiential leadership development program for their leaders and managers. We were recommended by an executive who had gone through our Leading with Backbone and Heart program at another company and said they had to hire us.

How flattering!

On a whim, we also submitted our manuscript, The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team’s Competitive Advantage, to a well-known publisher, who after about six weeks, called and said they’d like to publish our book! OMG! Can you say YES? Check Facebook for my live reaction!

While our personal coaching business growth has been slower than we’d like, the universe has positively responded in many ways. I am so grateful. We’ve held two horse retreats, Find Your Mojo in Montana and several private intensives. Plus, I also keep getting more coaching clients. Yay!

So when it seems like the logical thing is to say no and take the safe route, I’d like you to consider checking inside and listening to what your heart wants. The energy you’ll tap into by following your heart is powerful!

Can you give yourself permission to say yes to the crazy, wild or outrageous idea?

You might be amazed how the universe shows up to surprise you and support you!

Take a chance!

P.S. If you want some help taking a chance, why not join us for Get Unstuck, Relationship Mojo, or our signature retreat Find Your Mojo in Montana. Want more one-on-one help? Let’s do some coaching together. I’ll help you take a chance and start thriving in your life!

CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke are Master certified life coaches, business consultants, speakers and authors of The Beauty of Conflict. They believe real relationships are the key to creating great business results. They’ll take your team from mediocre to great.

Interested in coaching? Check out CrisMarie’s executive coaching and personal coaching, or Susan’s personal coaching and equus coaching.

Want to take a class? Sign up for one of their virtual classes: Get Unstuck, Relationship Mojo or come to their signature retreat Find Your Mojo in Montana. Click here to check out all their service offerings.

Click here to contact them to coach with you, consult with your team, or speak at your next event.

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