Oh Sh*t!


So What is an Oh Sh*t! Moment?

Oh Sh*t! is the moment you think: “Oh Sh*t! How did I get here!? What to do now?”

We believe an Oh Sh*t! Moment precedes an Aha! Moment. That is, if you stay in. At the moment you are smacked with the thought, “Oh Sh*t! What do I do now?!” you are out of your comfort zone with no map. You get to choose:

  • Do I defend, close and choose to protect myself?
  • Do I take the risk to be real, open and vulnerable?

At first, people often try to defend and protect themselves, making the results feel artificial and hollow and everyone senses it. However, when someone stays in the moment and becomes open and curious to what is actually going on – that moment can reveal new possibilities.

We have found that the Oh Sh*t! Moment is the greatest opportunity for growth, change and breakthrough for teams, relationships and individuals.

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Share your Oh Sh*t! Moment and how you handled it.

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